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Why You Should Choose BP Solar Panels for your Home

One of the most successful lines of solar panels on the market is BP solar panels. These panels are manufactured by BP Solar Global, which is the solar energy division of BP (formerly known as British Petroleum).

BP Solar Global is one of the world’s foremost solar energy companies. It is based in Madrid, Spain and has manufacturing facilities in both India and China. They have branches all around the world including in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, India, Africa, the Middle East, and South Korea. BP Solar manufactures a complete line of high-quality solar panels for almost any application or need, although the line of products available depends on which country you are in as each division offers different solutions tailored for the specific region and climate. 

They also work with certified installers in each of the countries so you can purchase your panels and schedule the installation all in one place, while being confident that your panels are being installed by certified professionals. BP Solar produces everything from small marine or RV solar panels to giant solar arrays for any large commercial or industrial project. Many of the largest solar arrays in the world were constructed using panels manufactured by BP Solar.

Composition of Photovoltaic Cells in BP Solar Panels

BP Solar manufactures two distinct types of PV cells for use in their panels: monocrystalline cells and multicrystalline cells.

  • Monocrystalline

mono cellThe monocrystalline cells are the more advanced, efficient line of cells that BP produces. They are used for areas which need to generate maximum energy in a relatively space area. 

These cells are dark black and are therefore also used for aesthetic reasons as well, as they blend in with most existing roof structures much better than do the blue multicrystalline cells. 

These BP solar cells are normally only used for situations where a large amount of energy needs to be generated or to fit in with a building’s existing structure, and usually cost quite a bit more than the multicrystalline cells.

  • Multicrystalline

The panels made with multicrystalline cells are much cheaper than their monocrystalline counterparts, although they also sacrifice some efficiency as well. These cells are dark blue, so they are more obtrusive on most roofs than the monocrystalline cells. These BP solar cells are manufactured to fit any residential or light commercial need, and are the ideal choice for most all applications because of their greatly reduced price.

Benefits of BP Solar Energy Panels

BP panels have many benefits over their competitors beginning with the strong, sturdy construction of the solar panel frame. The panels are known to be stronger and last longer than most panels on the market. Another benefit lies in the different technologies BP uses to make their panels more efficient than other panels. These include using anti-reflective glass to increase energy production; increased solar cell padding and protection to defend against damage; and BP’s patented InnerCool technology which allows the cells to function at much lower temperatures, thus vastly increasing the life of each panel.

BP Solar Panel Product Lines
  • 4 Series

  • 3 Series   

  • Q Series

  • Off Grid Solar Panels

  • BP EnergyTiles

BP 4 Series Products

The 4 series line of solar cells consists of 165 to 190 watt panels which are manufactured for use in residential and small commercial buildings. They are best suited for use in buildings under 20,000 square feet, although multiple 4 series panels can be used for larger buildings. The 4 series uses 72 monocrystalline cells in each panel.

BP 3 Series Products

bp 3 seriesThe 3 series line of panels comes in a range of wattages from 215 to 235 watts. These panels are still ideal for use in buildings under 20,000 square feet, but also for larger commercial applications as well. They are also well suited for construction companies and other industrial uses. The 3 series panels use 60 multicrystalline cells in each panel, and the panels are black so they are suited for residential uses where the owner wants the panels to blend in with the existing roof.

BP Q Series Products

The Q series line comes in panels ranging from 220 to 235 watts. The Q series uses multicrystalline cells and has the highest performance and efficiency of any of the standard cells. They are suited for any of the situations previously mentioned, and they also work well in off-grid situations unlike the 4 or 3 series panels.

BP Off Grid Products

The BP line of off grid panels comes in a wide range of wattages- from 4.5 watts all the way to 125 watts. These BP solar panels are ideal for any solar system which relies on a battery to store energy. The panels are smaller than traditional grid tie panels, so this makes them much more portable and ideal for using in remote locations. Because of the limited wattage of these panels, it may be necessary to install multiple panels if you wish to power an entire home. The off grid panels are also an ideal choice for providing energy to your RV or generating electricity for a water pump or well.

BP EnergyTile Products

BP EnergyTiles are 65 watt multicrystalline tiles designed to look like flat concrete roof tiles, and are also known as solar shingles. They are best suited for residential usage, as they do not produce as much power for the area they take up. The biggest benefit of BP EnergyTiles lies in their aesthetic value as they are able to mimic roof shingles and thus blend in perfectly with many existing roofs.

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