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Kyocera Solar Panels: Long Lasting And Reliable

If you’re looking to purchase solar panels, Kyocera solar panels is one of the first lines you should check out. The company has been one of the industry leaders in solar technology for over 35 years, and Kyocera solar panels are one of the most trusted brands of panels on the market today.

Kyocera is a Japanese company, with regional subsidiaries around the globe on every continent. They produce a large line of panels for use in residential and commercial applications, and also offer a solar engineering service where they can help design and install a complete solar system. All Kyocera solar panels come with a 20 year power output warranty and a five year workmanship warranty

Kyocera panels are also the only panels to ever pass rigorous testing from TUV Rhineland, which makes them one of the longest lasting panels on the market today. Kyocera is only behind Sharp in Japanese solar companies, which makes it one of the top companies in the world. However, due to the rise in Chinese solar companies, the Kyocera panels are now on the more expensive side. 

They usually cost around $2.5 per watt, while many of their competitor’s panels cost between $1 and $2 per watt, and possibly even cheaper when purchased in bulk. However, the quality in the Kyocera solar panels is also much greater than most of the competition, so you’ll get what you pay for.

Future of Kyocera Solar

Kyocera is currently investing a huge amount of money in their solar panel production facilities, and plans to increase their production output to 1,000 megawatts or 1 gigawatt by 2013, which would make them far and away the industry’s leading producer of solar panels. 

They are stepping up production capabilities at their facilities in Asia, Mexico, and Europe, and have announced plans to build a production facility in San Diego, California to further meet the growing solar demand in the United States. Kyocera Solar has also announced that their solar panels will now be an available option on all new Toyota Prius cars, and they are also in talks to provide cells for other hybrid automobiles.

Kyocera Solar Panel Product Lines
  • KD P Series

kyocera-kdThe KD P Series line of solar panels uses multicrystalline silicon 156mm by 156mm solar cells, which have an increased output over most of their competitor’s cells. These panels are available in 7 different models ranging from a 36 cell-135 watt module all the way to an 80 cell-315 watt module. 

These panels are some of the lightest in the industry, with the smallest Kyocera 135 W solar panel KD135SX-RP panel weighing 27 pounds and the largest KD315 panel weighing in at a mere 60 pounds. These panels are suited for residential or commercial use, depending on the energy output required.

  • KD F Series

kyoceraThe KD F Series is available in the same 7 wattages as the P Series, and in fact, the only major difference between the two lines is in the color of the panels. The P Series uses black solar cells, while the cells in the F Series are a bluish color. 

The other difference is that the F Series qualified for the “Buy American” clause in the now expired American Recover and Reinvestment Act, which meant that they qualified for special tax incentives due to the fact that they are produced in America.

  • Off Grid Panels

Kyocera Solar also manufactures one line of off-grid panels, the KD 100-36, which is available in either the blue KD 100-36 FSX or in the black KD 100-36 PSX. These panels are available in either a 135 watt module or a 140 watt module, both of which are perfect for any and all off-grid applications. The panels themselves are small and light, which makes them much easier to transport to any remote location. These panels are for use in off-grid systems which use a battery instead of being connected directly to the utility grid.

Kyocera Project Solutions and Site Evaluation

Kyocera recommends you only purchase their panels through a licensed dealer and have them installed by a Kyocera certified installation expert. However, if you wish, Kyocera can take care of your entire solar project for you. Kyocera Solar offers a Project Solutions division, which they describe as solar engineering. In reality, you will work with a professional who can help with every step of the process. 

This begins with them coming to do a site evaluation at your property to determine the best location, size, and type of solar system to fit your specific needs and location. They will then design the entire solar system with you and ensure it is the best possible solar system for you. Kyocera then will order the solar panels and all other components you’ll need. The system will then be installed by Kyocera certified professionals. 

While this service and the system itself may cost you a bit more money than if you did all of the work yourself, but it’s one of the only ways to be absolutely sure than you are maximizing the amount of energy your solar system can generate. Kyocera Solar is also very familiar with working within a tight budget, so you can be guaranteed that they will be able to help you design whatever solar system you need or can afford.

Other Kyocera Solar Products

If you don’t want to go the Project Solutions route, and would prefer something much simpler, then Kyocera MyGen might be for you. The MyGen system consists of a complete customizable solar kit which includes all of the components you’ll need. When ordering one of the kits, you’ll need to perform your own site evaluation and know how much space you have and how much energy you want your solar system to generate. The kits can still be installed by a Kyocera certified installer.

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