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Liquid Solar Blankets Will Reduce Your Pool Heating Costs

If you own a pool, odds are good that you know about the benefits of using solar energy to heat your pool, but you may not know about liquid solar blankets. The term liquid solar blanket can be slightly misleading, as these products are actually a liquid that is slowly released into your pool to help reduce heat loss.

There are several different brands of liquid solar blankets available at many online retailers and pool supply stores. Each one essentially works in the same way, in that a liquid is released in your pool which slows down the evaporation of your pool water by around fifty percent. 

Most experts suggest that ninety percent of heat loss in pools is due to evaporation, so these products can go a long way towards saving you money on your pool heating costs. If you don’t use a traditional heater for your pool, then a liquid solar cover can still help keep your pool heated and may even make the use of a traditional solar pool cover unnecessary during the warm summer months. 

These products can also be used in combination with other solar pool heaters and covers to ensure your pool stays at the right temperature without the cost or CO2 emissions associated with using standard electricity. The only major downside to most solar liquid blankets lies in the price, as some will only last for around a month, so the price can quickly add up when you have to continually purchase more liquid.

What is a Liquid Solar Cover?

A liquid solar pool cover is a completely safe, non-toxic liquid that will not alter the pH or chemical balance of your pool in any way. Each manufacturer of these products guarantees that their products are completely safe in every way and harmless for swimmers, even if the pool water is accidentally ingested. 

The ingredients in the liquid are a highly guarded secret, but you can feel safe knowing that similar liquids have been used to heat commercial and city owned, municipal swimming pools for over two decades with no adverse reactions. 

Overall, liquid solar blankets are quite an efficient way to reduce water evaporation in your pool and thus reduce heat loss, which can save you time and money on your heating needs. Below we will take a look at a few of the more popular brands of liquid solar covers and provide honest information on the pros and cons of each product.

Turbo: The Tropical Fish by Sunsolar Energy Technologies

liquid solar blanketThe Tropical Fish was one of the first liquid solar blankets on the market, and with the introduction of the improved Turbo, Sunsolar has continued to be one the industry’s leaders in this market. Turbo is a small fish shaped unit that is filled with the secret liquid and comes complete with a pump which will slowly release the liquid to help keep your pool heated for approximately sixty days. 

To use this product, you need to simply place the fish in the water, where it should slowly submerge as the liquid is released until it finally rests on the bottom once it is used up. One of the only drawbacks to this particular design is that the fish “swims” around your pool for sixty days and can easily get stuck in the vacuum or skimmer. 

Many people have reported that they have had to tie the product to their pool ladder to keep it from clogging up the pool. This is a simple solution however, and is not much of an inconvenience. 

One Turbo fish contains enough liquid to help heat a 400 square meter or smaller pool for sixty days. If your pool is larger than 400 square meters, then you will need to take a pair of scissors and cut the small black wire by the fish’s mouth. This will release more liquid and therefore your fish will only last for around thirty days instead of sixty. 

One of the biggest advantages of this particular product is that it has a time release pump, so you can simply drop the fish in the pool and forget about it for a month or two. The Sunsolar Turbo Tropical Fish can be a quite effective way to reduce heat loss in your pool and is one of the most highly recommended products on the market. 

SolarPill Liquid Solar Pool Blanket

Another very popular product is the SolarPill, which works in the exact same way as the Tropical Fish, except that it is shaped like a pill and can be placed directly in your skimmer to keep it out of the way. 

liquid solar blanketEach pill costs between $6 and $20 depending on where you purchase it from, and overall is another highly recommended product. 

Some people have reported that they don’t work quite as well as the Tropical Fish, although this is mostly unsubstantiated. Each SolarPill will last for around a month, so not as long as the Tropical Fish. 

That being said, the SolarPill Liquid Solar Blanket has the advantage of fitting into most pool’s skimmers so it can float there and stay out of the way. No matter which product you choose, you should see a significant reduction in the amount of heat your pool loses during the night.

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