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Why Choose Malibu Solar Lights For Your Solar Lighting?

If you find yourself in need of high quality solar outdoor lighting, then Malibu solar lights might be exactly what you’re looking for. Malibu solar lights are one of the top lines of solar outdoor lights available today. Malibu manufactures a large line of different solar lights, so the odds are fairly good that you’ll find something to fit your needs and budget.

Malibu is one of the leading manufacturers of solar flood lights, and their solar floodlights are known to be much brighter, and last longer than most of their competitors’ similar lights. These lights are on a stake which can be stuck directly into the ground, and they feature a separate solar panel which is connected to the light by a long cable.

  • Malibu Plastic Solar Lights

Malibu manufactures a large line of durable plastic solar lighting in a wide range of styles. These lights are much cheaper than the metal lights due to their construction, and therefore are not nearly as bright or long-lasting. Nonetheless, these lights are still much better than most of the other plastic solar lights you’ll find for purchase.

  • Malibu Metal Solar Lights

Malibu also manufactures a line of very high quality metal solar lights. These lights are available in several different styles, from hanging lanterns to garden and path lights. You can find many different natural metal and painted finishes in each style, so you’ll be guaranteed to find a product which suits your taste.

  • Malibu Specialty Solar Lighting

Malibu produces a line of specialty solar lights which includes holiday themed lights, ground marker lights, and even floating solar lights for a pool or pond. 

  • Malibu Solar Accent Lighting

If you’re looking for solar accent lights, then the Malibu line is one of the best ones you’ll find. They manufacture several different styles of accent lights that can be used almost anywhere to illuminate your property in unique and exciting ways.

Malibu 8501 Solar Spot Light

malibu solar lightsThe Malibu 8501-6004-01 Solar Spot Light is easy to install as a do-it-yourself project. The light is made from durable plastic, including a waterproof seal, making it ideal for all outdoor uses. 

The spotlight is completely waterproof and corrosion resistant, giving it great durability.

The spot light includes a clear glass lens, which can be used to give targeted spot lighting, with unfiltered illumination. The bulb has a warm white colour, and runs for up to 9 hours on a fully charged battery (supplied). Best of all, the bulb never needs replacing!

As well as being used to spotlight garden features, the stake installation means you can quickly install it anywhere you need spot lighting, making it a great option for curb lighting or security. It’s also excellent for lightening up any dark corners or steps for increased safety. The light’s angle can be adjusted, allowing you add extra lighting wherever it’s required.

As well as using the spotlight for safety and security, the light is ideal for highlighting garden features, or a special tree or plant. The spotlight is a simple and energy efficient way to light up your home’s exterior.

The Malibu solar spot light delivers 15 lumens of brightness from a 0.12 watt LED bulb. Many customers report being very impressed with the level of light from a single spot light and the lovely warm, rich glow. 

Malibu 8518 WalkLight 

malibu solar lightsThe Malibu 8518-0104-08 WalkLight Solar Light is an eight-piece solar light setting, perfect for illuminating paths, landscaped garden areas and more. The lights are built from a metal construction with clear glass, which gives better durability than some brands made of plastic. The lights are easy to assemble, and simply require pushing them into the ground to install. Being made of metal, the lights can withstand tough weather conditions.

Finished with a brushed nickel finish, the lights make a stylish addition to your garden. The glass bulb has a lightly fluted design, adding to the upscale look of these solar lights.

The metal construction and glass bulb gives the WalkLight solar lights good long term durability, particularly for outside usage. Unlike a plastic housing, the clear glass on this light won’t cloud over with age. The metal lights also throw a brighter light than some of their cheaper counterparts.

The spike going into the ground to install these lights is made of plastic, and therefore some care is needed when inserting it into the ground. Once they are installed, the lights are very sturdy.

Even in winter, the lights can continue to light up your walkway or garden for many hours. Each light is equipped with dusk to dawn operation, turning itself on automatically when it detects dropping light levels, and switching itself on to charge mode as soon as the sun returns the next day.

A set of eight lights costs around $75-80. Each light has 6 lumens of brightness from a warm white 0.06 watt LED globe. Each light is 14.8 inches high and 13.8 inches wide, providing a beautiful feature as well as lighting up the dark places in your garden or yard. Each light gives up to 10 hours of light on a fully charged battery, which is included in your purchase! The lights come with a 1-year limited warranty.

Malibu Outdoor Solar-Powered Floating Light

malibu solar lightsThe Malibu 8509-1901-06 Modern Solar Light Kit is a six-piece solar lighting kit. Made from a cast aluminum construction, the light set is perfect for all weather usage outdoors. 

The clear glass lens also delivers beautiful unobstructed light, and won’t cloud over with use as plastic bulbs tend to do. The lights are also waterproof and corrosion resistant, providing you with extra durability for any outside usage or placement.

Finished in a modern brown tone, the lights feature an adjustable riser. This gives you the option of placing the lights at two different heights along your path. 

As well as giving you options for placing on uneven terrain, you may want to use this feature to enhance the modern style of these lights. As they are solar powered and have no wires, you have total flexibility in their placement.

The design of this solar light kit differs a little from traditional products, and will suit modern home and garden designs perfectly. Finished in brown, they will complement most landscapes nicely. The spike that goes into the ground is plastic, however the lights do not take much force to install.

Unlike many models, the lights on the modern solar design point down, allowing a warm and subdued light, just enough to highlight any area on the ground where you need extra light, without being overpowering or interfering with night vision.

The lights will charge during the day, and even a few hours of sun in winter months should give them enough charge to shine for several hours at night. If you need to place them in a particularly shaded area, the head of the light can be removed from the base, allowing you to move them to a part of your yard that gets full sunlight, for those occasions where you want the glow to last all night.

The modern solar light kit lights are 17 inches high by 12 inches wide, and have a depth of 10 inches. The lights also include a 1-year limited warranty. And importantly: each light also includes its own 400 mAh life P04 battery!

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