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Become Energy Independent with Off Grid Solar Power

If you are considering using solar power in your cabin or any other dwelling far from civilization, then off grid solar power is the perfect option for you. This type of solar power is also the ideal choice for those who want to become one hundred percent energy independent.

An off grid solar system, also known as a standalone solar system, is a solar power generating unit that creates and stores its own electricity. It is known as off grid because it is the only type of solar system that is completely stand alone and not connected to the local utility grid.

How Does Off-Grid Solar Power Work?

A solar off grid system is a photovoltaic solar unit which generates electricity when the silicon solar panels are exposed to sunlight. This energy is then sent directly to a large battery which stores the energy until it is needed. If the battery does not have the required amount of energy stored, then it is then sent directly on into the rest of the system. 

When electricity is required, it is taken from the battery and then sent on to the solar inverter. A solar inverter is an extremely necessary component of any solar system, which takes the direct current (DC) electricity created by the solar panels, and converts it into alternating current (AC) electricity which can be used to power your home or office and all of the electronic devices within it. 

This type of solar system has only one major drawback, and that is that due to the fact that this system is not tied to the local electrical grid. 

off grid solarThis means that your home or building will be completely dependent on the energy created by your system, so you will not be able to use any electricity if your system fails or if you are using more energy than your solar system can create. 

Still, you could also consider a hybrid solar system which is still connected to the local power grid, but also has a battery to store excess electricity, meaning that you have all of the benefits of both types of system. Nonetheless, there are still many benefits to using off grid solar power and they far outweigh the few negatives.

Benefits of Owning and Installing an Off Grid Solar Unit

  • Can be used in virtually any location as long as there is sun shining
  • Is able to store any excess energy created in the battery
  • Can help keep you prepared for emergencies
  • Not at the mercy of the utility grid during blackouts and power outages
  • True energy independence

off grid solarWhile an off-grid solar system may cost more than a grid tie solar system, the benefits of owning and using off-grid solar energy far outweigh the few negatives associated with the extra costs. For starters, this particular type of photovoltaic solar unit is the only one which can be used virtually anywhere in the world due to the fact that it is not necessary to have this system connected to any other power grid. 

This means that this type of system is perfect for those who live in very rural areas, and can be especially useful for those with cabins or summer homes. 

Another big advantage of this system is that you can continue to use the solar energy that your system created during the night and at other times when the sun is not shining. 

This is due to this fact that the energy being created by your off-grid PV unit is able to be stored in the system’s battery, so as long as you are creating more electricity than you use during the day, then you will always be able to use the electricity stored in your battery, even at night or during overcast or cloudy days. This is why it is absolutely necessary to ensure that you are installing an off grid solar system capable of generating more than enough electricity for your needs. By doing so, you can ensure that you are always prepared in case of emergencies. 

The Best Off Grid Solar Starter Kit

Probably the best way to start off using off-grid solar power is by purchasing a solar kit which will include not only the solar panels, but also an inverter, and all the connectors you need as well. One of the best kits you can get without spending a ton of money is the Sunforce 50048 60-Watt Solar Charging Kit

off grid solarThis particular kit can be purchased for between $240 and $400 depending on where you buy it. For this low price, you receive 4 15 watt solar panels, a charge controller, a solar inverter, and all of the cables and wiring you need. 

The only thing you will still need to make this kit complete is a separate battery, although almost none of the solar kits come with a battery.  

Sunforce is known to produce very high quality solar battery chargers and solar kits, and this product is no different. While this product will not be sufficient for all of your energy needs, it is still a great starter kit for those wishing to experiment with solar power without having to spend thousands of dollars. Save yourself some money, and go off-grid!

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