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Why Choose Sanyo Solar Panels For Your Home

Sanyo solar panels are one of the highest efficiency brands of solar panels that are currently on the market. Sanyo Solar is a Japanese company with subsidiaries and manufacturing plants all around the world, including North America and Europe.

Sanyo has a great reputation for producing products that help minimize their impact on the environment, including producing non fluorocarbon refrigerators and non CFC air conditioners. They also are one of the few companies to produce lead free solar panels, which can go a long way to further reducing any negative impacts on the environment. 

Sanyo guarantees that their products will produce the amount of energy that they are rated for at the time of purchase, which is almost unheard of in the solar world. Most companies guarantee their output at plus or minus 5%, which means that a 300 watt panel from other companies is only guaranteed to produce 285 watts, while a Sanyo 300 watt solar panel is guaranteed to produce at least 300 watts. All Sanyo solar panels have a 20 year limited power output warranty and fiver year workmanship warranty.

Sanyo HIT Technology

Sanyo solar panels utilize Sanyo’s patented HIT technology. HIT stands for Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin Layer. This may sound quite confusing and be hard for the normal person to understand, but luckily it’s not necessary to understand what HIT means. 

All that you need to know is that this technology makes Sanyo solar cells one of the most efficient brands of solar panels. The HIT technology uses thin mono crystalline silicon that reduces energy generation losses and makes the panels more effective than traditional crystalline solar panels, even at high temperatures.

Sanyo Solar Leasing

sanyoOne of the most interesting and useful services that Sanyo solar offers is a solar leasing program. This program allows homeowners to lease a solar system, many times with zero money down initially. This allows greater access to solar units for those who might not be able to afford the large initial investment that is normally associated with solar energy. 

To sign up for Sanyo’s solar leasing program, the first step is to contact a Sanyo licensed installation professional. 

The Sanyo installer will then give you an electronic credit application that can be filled out in less than 15 minutes. Sanyo will then review your application and you’ll receive notification of approval the same day that you fill out the application. 

There are also many other advantages to the Sanyo solar leasing program. Sanyo provides solar monitoring so you can make sure that your solar system is functioning at its optimum output level. Sanyo also provides full theft and damage insurance, as well as covering any repair costs. They even have a full replacement program in place in case something should happen to your solar inverter. Overall, this one of the most useful programs around and is a great way to start using solar power without having to pay the large upfront costs.
Types of Sanyo Solar Panels
  • Sanyo HIT Power

The Sanyo HIT Power series of solar panels consists of 11 different solar panels, available in a range from 186 watts to 205 watts. These panels are suited for residential or commercial uses, although they are usually only available for grid tied solar systems, which is a solar unit that is connected directly to the local power grid.

  • Sanyo HIT Power N Series

The Sanyo HIT Power N Series line of solar panels consists of six different panels, available in three different wattages- 205 watts, 210 watts, and 215 watts. The Sanyo HIT Power N Series solar panels are one hundred percent lead free, which is quite rare and makes these cells even more environmentally friendly.

  • Sanyo HIT Power A Series

The Sanyo HIT Power A Series line of solar panels are available in four different models- HIT Power 210A, HIT Power 215A, HIT Power 220A, and HIT Power 225A. The number next to each model name corresponds to the wattage of each particular solar panel. This line has the same benefits of the rest of the HIT Power series, although the HIT Power A Series panels do contain lead, unlike the HIT Power N Series.

  • Sanyo HIT Double Series

The Sanyo HIT Double Series is a very interesting and unique line of solar panels. These panels are bi-facial, meaning that they have solar energy generating cells on the front and the back of the panels. This allows the backside of the solar panels to contribute to the energy that these panels can generate by taking advantage of ambient and reflected light that strikes the back side of the panels to stimulate the silicon cells and thus produce energy. 

sanyo bifacialThis bi-facial technology allows the Sanyo HIT Double Series of solar panels to produce up to thirty percent more electricity than traditional single faced solar panels. 

These panels are obviously going to cost more than traditional solar panels, but the bi-facial technology allows these panels to generate more energy in a much smaller space. 

Sanyo produces three different models in the HIT Double Series line of panels: a 186 watt module, a 190 watt module, and a 195 watt module. These panels also utilize a double pane glass technology that allows some light to go through the panels which can create very unique lighting and shadows, so they are also very useful for architectural applications and can be very aesthetically pleasing. 

Overall, the Sanyo HIT Double Series are probably one of the best solar panels available for purchase today. These panels are guaranteed to generate more electricity in a smaller space than any other panel on the market.

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