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Using Sharp Solar Panels for Home or Business

If you’re searching for an efficient, clean way of generating electricity, why not consider Sharp solar panels. Sharp Solar is a division of the Osaka, Japan based Sharp Electronics Company, and has long been a leader in solar research and technology.

Sharp is the leading manufacturer of many different types of solar panels including polycrystalline cells and thin film solar cells, and in 2010 Sharp was the solar industry leader in terms of total revenue and total number of solar panels produced. Sharp has divisions all over the world, and manufacturing plants in Japan, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States, just to name a few.

History of Sharp Solar

Sharp first began researching solar technology in 1959 and was already mass producing early solar cells as early as 1963. In the 1960’s Sharp began providing solar panels to power lights on ocean buoys and lighthouses, before moving onto to producing solar panels for use on satellites and other space applications. 

Sharp also developed the first solar powered calculator in 1980 and this technology continues to be utilized in almost the same form in many calculators today. Sharp is now focused mainly on large scale utility solar applications, such as developing thin film solar cells to be used in giant solar arrays for power plants. 

Types Of Sharp Solar Panels
  • Residential

Sharp Solar produces three different monocrystalline solar panels suited for residential purposes. They offer two slightly different models of 235 watt panels and one 245 watt model, all of which have a sleek black design that can blend in nicely with many roofs.  

  • Commercial

Sharp produces a very large line of commercial solar panels, used by many of the world’s largest corporations as well as in many government projects around the world. Sharp offers a line of around 20 different solar panels ranging from 220 watts to 250 watts. These come in a variety of different sizes and compositions such as monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, and Sharp’s patented Thin Film technology.  

  • Utility Scale

Sharp also produces a line of different solar panels available for large scale utility usage, such as solar power plants and other large solar generators. All of these panels use Sharp’s Thin Film technology, which makes them much lighter and more efficient than traditional solar panels.

Sharp Thin Film Solar Cells

Many solar companies are developing different forms of thin film solar technology which requires much less silicon and is therefore lighter. Sharp has been one of the leading companies in terms of thin film technology, and continues to set the bar in this area. 

sharp thin filmThese thin film solar cells use patented microcrystalline silicon to catch more of the sun’s spectrum and this allows them to be more effective at converting the sun’s rays into energy. 

These cells use less than one percent of the silicon that is used in traditional crystalline cells which makes them much cheaper to produce. 

They also have an added advantage in warmer climates as they stay cooler than their counterparts which allows them to produce even more energy.

Other Sharp Solar Products
  • Sharp PV Kits

Sharp Solar manufactures two different types of solar power kits which include solar panels, a solar power inverter, roof mounting brackets and frame, and all other components needed for installation. These kits are available with either blue or black monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar cells in a variety of wattages. 

The kits are a great bargain because not only do you receive the Sharp solar panels, but also high quality components from reputable manufacturers, and everything else you need to install an entire solar system on your roof, including detailed installation instructions. 

They offer either the standard Sharp PV Kit or the Sharp PV iKit. The standard kit has many advantages, but the greatest one is that it can always be expanded upon if you decide to add more panels. The iKit has many more aesthetic advantages and blends in easily with most any roof, although future expansion is not quite as simple as with the standard kit. 

  • Sharp Solar Panels for Small Electronic Devices

Sharp has long been a leader in developing solar panels for small electronic devices, beginning with calculators in the 1980’s and continuing today. In 2009 Sharp Solar introduced the LR0GC02 Solar Module which can be used to power a wide range of mobile and handheld electronic devices. 

This polycrystalline solar cell is the thinnest panel of its kind on the market today, and makes for an excellent secondary power source for electronic devices. With these cells, it is possible to charge and run a variety of electronic devices without the need for a traditional electrical outlet.

Installation of Sharp PV Panels

sharp solarIf you decide to purchase your solar panels from Sharp, you have several options for installation. You can always install the system yourself, although this isn’t recommended and may void Sharp’s warranty in certain situations. The best option is to let Sharp find a licensed installation professional in your area who can perform the installation quickly and properly. This guarantees that your panels will be covered by Sharp’s 25 year warrantee, so you can be confident knowing your panels will last. 

If you’re willing to make such a large investment in a solar array, it’s best to spend a little bit extra and use a Sharp certified installation expert to ensure your panels function properly and as effectively as is possible. When installing solar panels, keep in mind that they should always be installed on a south facing roof to maximize their exposure to the sun. 

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