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Shell Solar Panels Are a Thing of the Past

Shell solar panels used to be one of the best selling brands of solar panels on the market. However, Shell Energy has basically gotten completely out of the solar energy field, and they have sold off all of their global entities that were once connected to Shell Solar. 

In fact, Shell Energy has also stated that they no longer wish to focus on renewable energy sources such as solar energy and wind power, but instead are going to focus all of their time, money, and research into developing, testing, and perfecting biofuels

Nonetheless, a quick search of the internet will still turn up hundreds of websites and online retailers that are offering older model Shell solar panels for sale. Your search may also come up with quite a few results for Siemens solar panels as well. This is due to the fact that these panels are essentially the same and were even produced in the same factory. 

This has to do with the fact that this business has changed hands several times in recent years, and each take over was accompanied by a name change but not much else. While these panels you’ll find online are still fairly efficient, and overall a decent product for the money, they do still have a few downsides. The biggest issue is that if you purchase any Shell solar panel, it will no longer come with a warranty

shell solarSince Shell Energy closed their solar division, they have sold off each of the different departments to other companies around the world, most of which do not honor Shell’s warranty that once came with Shell solar panels. This means that if you purchase an older model Shell solar panel, then you will be stuck with it should anything go wrong or if the panel is faulty or defective. 

The Past, Present, and Future of Shell Solar

The history of Shell’s solar division is actually quite a cloudy one that features many name changes and companies being bought out by one another. Shell Solar was actually formed when Royal Dutch Shell acquired Siemens Solar in 2002. However, this company did not last very long at all as the entire operation was purchased by SolarWorld in 2006. 

Although this is still only the history for one small part of the company, as Shell’s solar divisions in different countries and regions around the globe were also sold off, mostly to smaller local companies in the area. SolarWorld still produces basically the same solar panels as Shell and Siemens did, and they even advertise that their panels are drop-in replacements for any of the previous versions of those companies’ panels. 

SolarWorld is based in California, USA and is one of America’s leading manufacturers of solar panels and components. They are also one of the only American companies to completely perform every step of the manufacturing process in American factories.

SolarWorld Solar Panels and Components

SolarWorld manufactures a line of highly efficient SunModule solar panels that are available in a variety of sizes and wattages to fit almost any application. Each panel is available in either monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon. 

SolarWorld can guarantee that you will find some of their products to fit your specific needs, from small scale residential rooftop solar units, to large scale commercial and even utility scale solar products. All of the products they offer can be viewed directly on the SolarWorld website

solarworldIf you are considering purchasing a solar system for your home or small business, then you definitely need to have a look at SolarWorld’s SunKits

These products are state of the art solar kits that include everything you need to quickly start generating your own electricity by harnessing the power of the sun’s rays. The kit will be custom designed and manufactured in one of SolarWorld’s production facilities to meet your specific needs. 

Each kit includes SolarWorld’s SunModule solar panels, a solar inverter, mounting brackets, and all the other wiring and components that are necessary. 

SolarWorld also has a nationwide network of certified, professional solar installers who will come to your home and perform all of the necessary installation so you can be assured that your solar kit will function properly for years to come.

SolarWorld’s Outstanding Warranties

SolarWorld is so confident that they produce some of the highest quality solar panels on the market that they offer an almost unheard of warranty. Most companies offer some sort of product workmanship warranty, and SolarWorld’s is one of the longest. They give a full replacement 10 year product workmanship warranty on all of their products. 

However, this is nothing compared to SolarWorld’s twenty five year linear performance guarantee. The linear performance guarantee acknowledges that all solar panels will slowly lose some of their efficiency and performance over time. However, SolarWorld guarantees that their panels’ efficiency will not decrease by more than three percent during the first year of use. 

They also guarantee that the panels’ will not lose more than 0.7 percent efficiency per year during the next twenty five years, and SolarWorld will immediately replace the solar panels if the efficiency ever drops below that number. This makes SolarWorld solar panels of the highest efficiency and longest lasting panels available on the market today. 

Overall, SolarWorld panels still contain all of the benefits of the Shell solar panels, while also having even more advantages over their previous incarnations. These panels and other components come quite highly recommended and you cannot go wrong by purchasing any SolarWorld product.

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