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Siemens Solar Panels Are Some Of The Best In The World

Siemens solar panels are commonly used in many utility scale photovoltaic solar power stations around the world. Older model Siemens solar panels can also be purchased for use in smaller commercial and residential solar systems, although Siemens no longer produces anything other than utility scale solar panels.

These older Siemens solar panels are available through many different online distributors, and you can still find many panels which are new and still come in the original packaging. The older panels are still considered quite good products and are usually available for a decent price. 

Siemens mererly decided that their time and money would be best spent focusing on producing solar panels for large scale use, which has led to them being one of the world’s leading producers of utility scale solar panels, and their panels are used in some of the world’s largest solar power plants and other large commercial solar systems as well.

Siemens Utility Scale Photovoltaic Solar Solutions

Siemens is one of the industry leaders in developing utility scale solar power plants for several reasons. It is one of the most recognized names in electronics and automotive components and the company is world renowned for the quality of their products and their exceptional level of service. 

siemensSiemens solar will work with their clients through every step of the process of building a solar power station from engineering, design, and development all the way through to the final installation.  

One of the biggest advantages that Siemens has over their competitors, is that they produce not only the photovoltaic panels, but that they also manufacture the other components of the solar power station including the solar inverters. Another major advantage of choosing Siemens solar is that they offer a proven global supply chain, meaning that you can expect good service and quick turnaround no matter where in the world you are located. 

Siemens utility scale photovoltaic systems are some of the highest efficiency solar systems in the world. This is partly due to Siemens vast knowledge of and research into different photovoltaic designs and layouts. Siemens works closely with their clients to design the layout of each photovoltaic array to best maximize the sun’s light, while taking into account the climate and composition of the location, as well determining how to best utlizize the amount of space. 

They even tailor their systems to completely satisfy all local requirements. Siemens produces many different products in their plants around the world that are designed with certain markets in mind, so you can be guaranteed that they will produce something which will be designed specifically for the location you are in.

Siemens Concentrated Solar Power Plants

Not only does Siemens produce utility scale PV solar panels and solar power stations, but they are also one of the leaders in producing new concentrated solar power technology. Again, one of the biggest advantages that Siemens has over their competitors in this field is that Siemens produces every single component that is needed for a concentrated solar power station. 

In concentrated solar power stations, energy is normally generated through the use of a steam turbine, and Siemens steam turbines are used in most of the power plants in the world, including many traditional coal power plants. The main difference in concentrated solar plants is that the steam which runs the solar turbines is produced through solar power instead of the traditional plants which burn fossil fuels to create the steam. 

These concentrated solar power stations use an array of mirrors or other reflectors to redirect the sun’s energy onto a focal point, where water is then heated to produce steam and thus spin the turbine. Not only does Siemens produce steam turbines and power blocks, but they also produce the parabolic reflectors, solar collectors, and solar receivers. This allows Siemens power stations to be installed for much less money than other brands, due to the fact that the client only has to work with one manufacturer.

One of the best products in this line is the Siemens SunField LP package which contains devices which Siemens guarantees will completely connect all the key components of the system together, and ensure that the concentrated solar power station is functioning as efficiently as possible and that all the components are working together in harmony and unison.

The Siemens solar collectors are also one of the top products on the market as well. These solar collectors contain a solar tracker that ensures that the parabolic solar reflectors are perfectly aligned so that they redirect the highest possible amount of sunlight. These collectors also allow the parabolic reflectors to accurately track the sun during all hours of the day to ensure that the concentrated solar power station is functioning at its optimal level from morning until night.

Siemens Solar Inverters

siemens sinvertWhile Siemens solar panels are no longer available for small scale purposes, Siemens does produce one of the best lines of solar inverters on the market today. The Siemens SINVERT solar inverters are some of the most advanced grid feed inverters and are available with many different options and add-ons to make monitoring the energy production of your solar power station much easier.  

The SINVERT inverters can be equipped with monitoring devices that will allow you to view and manage the energy generation of your plant conveniently from anywhere in the world via the internet or a smart phone. 

The Siemens SINVERT inverters are suited for use in medium to large solar power plants ranging between 10 kilowatts and 2400 kilowatts.

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