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Always Stay Prepared with a Solar AA Battery Charger

One of the most important items in any emergency kit is a solar AA battery charger. These chargers will ensure that even during a power outage you will be able to charge AA batteries for use in flashlights, radios, and other devices which require batteries.

The design of solar AA battery chargers varies from product to product. Some of these products are able to charge almost any standard battery, while others are limited to only AA batteries. Each device contains a solar panel which generates energy to charge the batteries, although the panels themselves also vary significantly. 

Some of the panels are quite thin and flexible and can be either folded or rolled up, while other products contain panels that are basically smaller versions of traditional solar panels. The thinner solar panels are normally in the products which are designed only to charge AA batteries, as these batteries require much less energy to charge than larger batteries such as C or D. The solar universal battery chargers which are capable of charging larger batteries at least have a much larger panel than simple solar AA battery chargers.

Powerfilm Solar AA Battery Solar Panel Charger

powerfilmOne of the best solar AA battery chargers one the market today is manufactured by Powerfilm. Powerfilm produces a large line of foldable, thin film solar chargers for a variety of devices. They are one of the leading manufacturers of thin film chargers, and are renowned for the efficiency of their thin film solar panels. 

The Powerfilm AA charger uses one of these same foldable, thin film solar panels, which is sewn directly into the fabric of the charger. This charger is extremely lightweight: in fact, it weighs less than the 4 AA batteries it can charge. It can be fastened to a backpack to use on the move, or fixed to any other surface to ensure it doesn’t blow away. 

The manufacturers claim that in full sunlight, this product is capable of providing a full charge to two AA batteries in 3 1/3 hours or four AA batteries in 6 2/3 hours. However, this seems to be a worst case scenario, as most batteries can receive a full charge in less than two hours. One of the biggest advantages of this charger is that it has a much larger solar panel than other products while still remaining incredibly portable due to the solar panel being able to fold. 

In fact, when folded up, this product is small enough to fit in most any jacket or pants pocket. This charger usually costs between $60 and $90, which makes it one of the more expensive products available, however it is also one of the most reliable and efficient chargers on the market as well and comes with two Sanyo rechargeable batteries.

UltraLast Green Solar 2 AA/USB Charger

ultralastIf you’re looking for a cheaper solar AA battery charger, then the UltraLast Green might be the perfect product for you. This charger is normally available for under $20, which makes it one of the cheaper chargers on the market. This price also includes two rechargeable batteries, as well as USB and mini USB attachments so you can also charge other devices with it. 

However, you should be aware that you will get what you pay for. The UltraLast Green is a cheap option when compared to other chargers like the PowerFilm, but it also charges batteries much slower than the more expensive models. This charger is only capable of charging two AA batteries at a time, and you can expect it to take between eight and thirty hours of direct sunlight to provide a full charge. 

This is mainly due to the fact that this product has a much smaller solar panel, which closely resembles a miniature version of a standard solar panel. There are also many other similar chargers on the market, such as the Kodak KS100-C+2 Solar Charger, but the UltraLast is one of the best products in this category. 

The only thing to beware of when buying any of the smaller, cheaper chargers is that they can take a very long time to charge even two batteries, so don’t expect them to work miracles. This charger might be much cheaper than the PowerFilm, but you can charge up to four times as many batteries in the same time with the more expensive models.

Goldmaster Solar Universal Battery Charger 

goldmasterIf you’re looking for a reliable solar charger that is capable of charging more than just AA batteries, then you should have a look at the Goldmaster solar universal battery charger. This product can charge four D, C, AA, or AAA batteries at one time, which makes it much more versatile than the AA chargers. 

That said, one thing you should be sure to take note of is the fact that you must charge four batteries at a time and they must be one type of battery, i.e. four AA or four C batteries. This charger also comes with adaptors to connect and charge almost any other handheld electronic device. One of the few drawbacks to this product is that the charging capabilities are still somewhat limited due to the standard solar panel. 

Although this panel is much larger and therefore stronger than in the smaller AA chargers, it is still no match for the larger, foldable thin panels in the Powerfilm products. The only other negative is that there is no light or meter to tell you when the batteries are charging or how much charge they have, so you must take the batteries out and test them to see if they are fully charged or not. However, this product still costs less than $30, which makes it quite a good, versatile charger for the price.

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