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Solar Bird Baths Bring Nature to Your Garden

Solar bird baths are a great product for adding some decorative character to your yard or garden, without adding to your electricity bill in any way. A solar birdbath is normally a traditional pedestal shaped birdbath that features a small fountain that is powered entirely by a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel. If you already own a traditional birdbath, then you can also purchase a solar fountain pump that can be used to circulate the water in the bird bath.

For our purposes today, we will have a look at only those solar birdbaths that contain the bath itself as well as the solar powered fountain pump. These products can be a great way to attract birds to your yard or garden, and can make your property feel more comfortable and overall more aesthetically appealing. The only thing you need to keep in mind when purchasing any of these products is that solar powered birdbaths do not contain a battery and are therefore unable to store any excess energy that is created. 

This means that your solar powered bird bath will only function when the solar panel is directly exposed to sunlight, so you will need to pay considerable attention to the location of the product to ensure that it receives adequate sunlight to keep the water pumping.

Be sure to keep in mind that the fountain in a solar powered bird bath will not pump nearly as much water or be as strong as one that is powered by traditional electricity. However, you will not have to do any wiring or installation, which gives you more freedom to place the birdbath anywhere on your property where it will receive adequate amounts of sunlight.

We are going to have a look at some of the most popular models of solar powered birdbaths that are manufactured by Smart Solar. There are several other companies that also manufacture solar bird baths, but Smart Solar is far and away the most reputable and also produces the largest line of solar powered birdbaths and solar fountains. 

All Smart Solar products come with a good warranty and Smart Solar is very quick about sending you replacements in a very efficient and timely manner. If you decide to purchase a solar bird bath that is not manufactured by Smart Solar, make sure you do a sufficient amount of research to ensure that you are getting a high quality, long lasting product. 

Keep in mind that these models represent just a few of the multitude of styles and designs that Smart Solar produces, so if none of these products fit your particular taste or style, you can search online and find a different Smart Solar model that will.

Smart Solar Portsmouth Birdbath

portsmouthThe Portsmouth model is one of the most popular solar power birdbaths produced by Smart Solar. It is constructed from durable poly resin and fiberglass and features a realistic weathered gray stone finish. It has a traditional one-tiered pedestal design and will add instant charm and character to your yard or garden. 

The solar panel is integrated directly into the product, and provides power to the pump inside the birdbath which constantly re-circulates water from a reservoir hidden inside the base of the fountain. You can normally purchase this fountain from online retailers such as Amazon for a price of around $150.

Smart Solar also manufactures quite a few other similar products in different styles and finishes for around the same price or slightly cheaper, so if you don’t like the design of this particular product, you should still be able to find a comparable one to fit your tastes. 

Smart Solar Ceramic Solar Koi Fountain

Lots of people like koi fish. They represent change but are somehow also aesthetically pleasing and speak to the imagination. This solar bird bath is small and unobtrusive. Its size and elegance make it an easy fit into any garden. 

solar bird bathThe Smart Solar 21372R01 Koi Fountain comes with a separate solar panel that can be placed up to three meters high so that it allows for maximum solar absorption without cluttering up your garden. The unit comes with a low voltage water pump that circulates the water in and out of the fountain. The device does not come with a battery though, which means that it will only operate if its solar panel is directly exposed to sunlight. It holds about a gallon of water. 

Given its charm, its asking price of $70 is a good compromise because the unit does not take up very much space in your garden and it will appeal to many people. 

The device requires some assembly, but this process is relatively straightforward and you should have your fountain up and running in about 15 minutes or so.

aquariusSmart Solar Aquarius Birdbath Solar Stake with Glass Orb

If you are not looking to make such a large investment in a solar powered fountain birdbath, then you might want to consider the Smart Solar Aquarius. This product does not contain a fountain pump, so the water in the birdbath will not be circulated and will therefore need to be changed every once in a while. 

The product does feature a saucer to hold water to attract birds that is attached to a stake so it can be planted directly into the ground. On top of the saucer is a globe which emits LED light that is powered by a small integrated solar panel. 

This makes it an exciting feature for any garden as it is both a bath to attract birds during the day, and a decorative solar light at nighttime. You can normally purchase this product for around $30.

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