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Brighten up Your Holiday Home with Solar Christmas Lights

Solar Christmas lights are a great way to enhance the warmth and feel of your home or property, and can save you money and electricity because the electricity is provided to the lights for free by harnessing the power of the sun. There are hundreds of products available for purchase, but we have selected here what we think are the most interesting ones.

Traditional Christmas lights are required to be plugged into an electrical outlet to function, while the solar Christmas lights can be placed anywhere without the need to use extension cords which can be a tripping hazard, and possibly even an electrocution hazard when used outdoors and exposed to the weather elements.

GudCraft Solar Christmas Lights

One of the largest manufacturers of solar powered holiday lights is GudCraft, based in Washington, USA. GudCraft manufactures a complete line of solar and wind powered products which can be purchased directly through their website, or through a number of online shops such as Amazon. 

GudCraft solar holiday light strings are available in a variety of colors and lengths to fit any need. One of the major advantages of the GudCraft solar string lights is that they work well in almost any climate, even places that are typically rainy or cloudy. This is due to the fact that GudCraft Christmas lights are powered with only one AA battery, so even a few hours of indirect sunlight is usually enough to fully charge it’s battery. 

These Christmas lights are equipped with a light sensor so that they will automatically turn themselves on at night. Most Gudcraft Christmas lights products are also equipped with an on/off switch in case you don’t want to leave the lights running all night. 

gudcraftGudCraft solar string lights use LED lights, which can be purchased in a variety of colors, including white, blue, and multicolor strings. In all of GudCraft’s products, the LED’s themselves are the specified color, unlike many lower quality versions which use cheaper white LED’s with tinted glass to provide different colors. 

GudCraft products also come in a variety of lengths to fit any application, although the most common is the 35 foot string with 100 LED lights. These strings provide just as much light as a traditional string of Christmas lights, while saving you money on your energy bills by using strictly solar power. The only drawback when compared with traditional lights is the initial cost of purchase. A traditional 35 foot string of Christmas lights costs about a third of the solar version, which normally runs around $30. 

Flipo Solar Christmas Lights

Another popular manufacturer is Flipo, which produces a decent range of solar string lights. Flipo manufactures 50 and 100 LED light strings which are available in seven different colors- red, green, white, blue, orange, red white and blue, and multi-color. However, unlike the GudCraft lights, the LEDs in these lights are white and encased in colored glass. 

The Flipo string lights use some of the longest lasting LEDs on the market, which are rated to last for over 100,000 hours. They are also known to stay on all night, even when the solar panel only receives a minimal amount of sunlight during the day. The Flipo string lights are a bit more expensive than other products on the market- the Flipo 50 LED string costs around $30 and the Flipo 100 LED string is usually around $60.

flipoFlipo also manufactures a line of solar rope tube LED lights. These contain a string of LED lights, available in a 100 LEDs BLUE version, and in a Multi Color version, encased inside a flexible tube. These rope lights can be used similarly to the string lights, but the rope design also allows for other applications and can even be used on the ground under snow. 

One of the major drawbacks to the Flipo rope lights is that the LED’s in them are not nearly as bright as many of their competitors. Another common complaint is that the ropes themselves are very thin and flimsy, which makes them have a tendency to break or get damaged easily. The advantage is that the ropes are very flexible so they can easily be bent to fit perfectly around windows and doors, or they can be wrapped around trees or poles as well. 

Lycheers Solar Fairy String Lights

The Lycheers Solar Fairy String lights are fuzzy looking little balls with solar powered LED's of different colors in the center. They function well even in shaded areas and are relatively cheap because they come with an amorphous solar panel, which keeps the price down.

You can let the LED's charge during the day, and they will start to give off light for several hours after the sun has gone down. You can also manually switch the lights off, which is a nice bonus. It's best to keep these lights charging for an entire day: the longer your charge them, the longer they will run. 

solar christmas lightsThe downside about this string of lights, is that the LED bulbs are not replacable: although the product is very durable, once a LED breaks, you'll have to purchase a whole new set. Also, the solar panel is not water proof, so it's best to mount it somewhere where the rain can't get to it. 

The upside about the Lycheers Solar String Lights is that they can be moved very easily and that they emit a warm light similar to a sort of glowing flower. They have two different modes: one that continuously stays on, and one that makes the LED's blink.

They are excellent for giving your garden more warmth during the winter months, although the lights are multi-functional and can be used for any occasion: for example, leaving everyone in awe at your next home party? And at just $13, these lights are a bargain, even if they do break!

One of the biggest advantages of solar Christmas lights is that they produce their own electricity, which not only save you money, but also gives you the freedom to place the lights wherever your heart desires. Traditional Christmas lights are required to be plugged into an electrical outlet to function, while the solar Christmas lights can be placed anywhere without the need to use extension cords which can be a tripping hazard, and possibly even an electrocution hazard when used outdoors and exposed to the weather elements.

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