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Learn About All The Advantages of Solar Energy

A lot has been said recently about the advantages of solar energy, while others have been extolling its disadvantages. It can sometimes be hard to sort through all of the nonsense and biases to see the real truth about the advantages of solar energy.

Some people claim that solar energy is too expensive and requires too large of an initial investment to be feasible for use by most people. This is no longer true, as research into the field of solar energy has lead to many revolutionary breakthroughs that have lowered the price of solar panels and other solar units, as well as making them much more efficient at harnessing the sun’s rays to produce electricity.

Solar Energy Advantages

  • Clean, Emission Free Energy Production

Solar panels and solar power plants such as solar thermal plants do not produce emissions and create the greenest possible power. This is one of the biggest advantages of solar energy and could go a long way towards reducing the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. This makes using solar energy extremely necessary, as countries look for ways to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels that are terribly polluting our planet.

Here's a great example of what you can achieve using solar power: SolarPath Sun Solutions realized the importance of solar energy and offers street and area lighting, pathway lights that help to divert traffic through means of road delineation, and solar lit traffic signs and pedestrian crossings.

Could this be the way all roads will be lit in the future?

  • Low Maintenance

solar trackerOnce solar panels have been installed they require very little attention. The same can be said for solar thermal collectors, which utilize a solar tracking unit to allow them to follow the sun. Standard photovoltaic solar panels may need to be adjusted or tilted a few times a year to maximize their exposure to the sun’s rays; however they require no other maintenance or upkeep. 

Other types of solar collectors such as solar battery chargers normally only require the battery to be replace once every few years, which also makes them virtually maintenance free.

  • Solar Energy is Free Energy

The energy that the sun gives off is completely free. Nonetheless, solar panels and other solar units are somewhat expensive and there is normally a large initial investment associated with solar energy. 

However, solar energy can save you a great deal of money in the long term, and the panels will pay for themselves with the amount of money you will save on your electricity bills.

  • Generates Electricity Completely Silently

Solar energy is one of the only types of energy generation that is completely silent. With most types of solar power, there are absolutely zero moving parts of machinery, making it the quietest form of energy around.

  • Unlimited Renewable Energy

sun powerEvery year the sun emits ten thousand times the amount of energy that humans consume, and it will continue to do so for as long as humans are on this planet. This makes the sun the most important energy generating tool we have. 

If we were to sufficiently utilize solar technology, it could be possible to use the sun to power all of our energy needs. This technology is still not quite where it needs to be to make this possible, however huge strides are being made every year. 

  • Has the Possibility to Make You Money

If you produce more solar energy than you need, it is possible to sell it, either for electricity credits or cash. This process is called net metering, and is only available on solar systems which are tied directly into the local power grid. Net metering is available in many different locations, and you should call your power company to see if they offer it. 

  • Many Countries Offer Financial Support or Tax Credits and Rebates for Solar Energy

If you live in a developed country, odds are that your local or federal government will offer some sort of financial incentives to people who wish to invest in renewable energy. The United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the European Union all offer tax rebates or credits for homeowners and businesses who purchase solar panels or other solar or environmentally friendly energy devices. Check with your local government to see what type of incentives, if any, are available in your area.

  • Gives You The Possibility of Being Completely Self Sufficient

With solar energy it is possible to generate enough power to be self-sustaining and completely independent of the public grid. Solar energy can allow you to never again be at the mercy of blackouts or power outages. By combining photovoltaic solar panels with other types of solar technology such as solar thermal energy and passive solar energy, you could make your home completely energy efficient and self sufficient, which means that you would never have to pay electricity or heating bills again.

  • Solar Energy Can Be Utilized Virtually Anywhere in the World

Another great solar energy advantage is that you can harness the energy from the sun anywhere in the world. The majority of solar power plants are in very arid, sunny places such as the southwestern United States or Spain. Still, this doesn’t mean that these are the only places where solar power can be used. Researchers have recently been experimenting with using solar panels in extremely remote places, such as high atop mountains or in Antarctica. 

This could further increase the amount of energy that we are able to generate using solar power. Some solar devices can be used in areas that are often extremely cloudy. Some types of solar outdoor lights and solar battery chargers work quite well in areas that are often overcast or rainy, so therefore it’s necessary that we start to look into the entire multitude of possibilities for utilizing solar energy.

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