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Realize Your Potential with a Solar Energy Education

The field of solar energy is growing and expanding exponentially, so never before has solar energy education been so important. Solar energy education now starts at a very young age, with most schoolchildren learning about the benefits and advantages of solar energy and also how solar energy works. For those who are interested in a career in solar power, you can continue your solar energy education at a college, university, or trade school.

There are also many training classes available online or in person where you can learn about different types of solar energy technology and how they work, or you can take a course to become a certified solar panel installer. The sites listed below are a great way to learn more about a solar energy education.

United States Department of Energy: Energy Education and Workforce Development

The US Department of Energy runs a website with a ton of information on educations and careers in solar energy. This site not only has a lot of information on solar energy, but also on many other types of renewable energy. 

  • Solar Education for the Youth

solar educationOne of the best functions of this site is the lesson plans that they offer on solar energy and other renewable forms of energy. These lesson plans are quite detailed and full of different games and activities and are developed to fit specific grade levels from kindergarten through high school. 

This website also shows different methods of turning schools into “greener,” more environmentally friendly places, and even gives instructions for applying for different grants to help accomplish this. Another great feature of this site is the contests that are available for almost any age, which allows students and teachers to try and put this education into practical use.

  • Post High School Solar Education

The website also offers a great place for people who are interested in continuing an education in renewable energy after they graduate from high school. The page is a great resource for those who wish to apply for grants or scholarships to study solar energy. There is also a great amount of information on different programs available around the country, and it’s not limited to only universities. There is plenty of information available on trade schools and other courses that one can sign up for.

  • Solar Career Map and Clean Energy Job Resources

One of the most interesting parts of this website is the solar career map. On this page, you can find detailed descriptions on hundreds of different careers that are available in the field of solar energy. The descriptions also give more information on the specific types of training that are necessary for each type of job, and - more importantly - where you can obtain this training. Along with the solar career map, the site is also a great resource for those who are searching for a career in solar or other clean forms of energy.

Solar Energy International

Probably the best resource on the web for those searching for information about solar power education is Solar Energy International, a non-profit organization that was founded in 1991. They offer many different classes and training courses for those who wish to find a career in solar energy, and they also have a large online bookstore for those who simply wish to learn more about different types of solar technology and how they work.

  • Solar Training: Electric

solar educationSolar Energy International offers training courses both online and in different locations around the world in the field of electricity generating solar power. There are numerous different courses available which cover a wide range of subjects, from designing or building solar panels, to solar panel installation, and even solar power business and sales seminars and courses. 

With this education, you can quickly obtain more technical knowledge and gain a foothold above your peers in this field. This is also a great place to begin looking if you’re considering a career in the exciting solar energy field.

  • Solar Training: Thermal

Solar Energy International also has a large range of courses in thermal uses of solar energy, which is using sunlight for heating purposes. One of the most popular options is the course on designing and installing solar water heaters and solar home heaters. This course will give you all the technical knowledge and know how necessary to start your own business building solar heaters.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory is a United States government laboratory which carries out research into new renewable energy technology and devices. This is one of the world leaders in solar and other clean energy research. However, their website is also a great place to find information on solar power education. 

The site is a great resource for both teachers and students, and contains hundreds of different lesson plans and articles on solar energy. The NREL also sponsors solar car races for students and other competitions as well. There is also a great educational resource available on the site, where one can find information on grants and scholarships

There is also a list of technical and trade schools, colleges, and universities where you can receive an education centered on renewable energy. One of the most interesting parts of this site is the news feature, which contains hundreds of articles on different breakthroughs in the field of renewable energy. Overall, this can be a great resource for anyone looking for solar power education. 

So where can you find the best solar education? It might sound painfully obvious, but our best bet would be to start looking for schooling in states that get a lot of sunshine. There are a lot of opportunities in California, Florida and Texas, so they would be good places to start your search.

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