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Start Your Solar Career At Solar Energy International

Solar Energy International is one of the leaders in a group of organizations that have been raising the bar for solar energy education and championing this type of energy as the way of the future. It is a non-profit organization based in Carbondale, Colorado that is dedicated to providing hands on and online training and educational programs in various aspects of the solar field. Solar Energy International is the best place to go for any and all training and education needs in the fields of solar and renewable energy.

Solar Energy International was founded in 1991 and the nonprofit organization’s primary focus is on solar energy and other renewable energy training and education. The company has more certified solar energy educators and trainers than any other organization. SEI’s training and education force consists of twenty four solar installers certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) and twenty trainers with the ISPQ certification from the Institute for Sustainable Power (ISP). 

SEI has an ISPQ approved training program that has training courses both in the classroom or online to get students ready for a number of different NABECP certification exams, including tests for technical sales, PV installation, wind energy, and solar thermal heating installation. In addition to their training and educational programs, SEI also produces a line of highly successful and very informative books. 

Their solar energy books are one of the best educational tools/manuals on the market and are used worldwide by people who wish to learn more about the different uses of solar energy. These books can also help you prepare to attempt to take a certification course on your own, or if you wish to learn how to install your own solar panels or do any other DIY solar project.

SEI Workshops and Training Courses

solar energy internationalIf you are considering a training course to become a certified professional in the solar or renewable energy field, then SEI most likely has class near you. SEI offers courses in over 15 different U.S. states including Hawaii, and some of these courses are available in both English and Spanish. 

They also provide certification and training courses, as well as educational programs in Canada, Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Ecuador. The majority of their courses cost around $1000 depending on which course you take and the location where you are taking the course. 

Courses Offered at SEI
  • Solar Electric Training

The organization offers several different levels of courses in preparation for taking different certifications and examinations. The most basic level is PV 101 which is an introduction to grid tied solar photovoltaic solar systems and their installation. You can then move on to learn about off grid or battery based systems in PV 203 or take a number of other courses.

  • Solar Thermal Training

This consists of several different courses based around solar thermal energy beginning with ST 101 which is based around solar hot water heating and installation. More advanced classes deal with other topics such as solar thermal air heating.

  • International Rural Development

These classes are based around how to create sustainable, environmentally sustainable development in more rural or poorer areas. Some courses are based around the country they are taught in, such as taking part in a series of workshops and an international energy conference in Cuba.

  • Wind Training

This unit consists of classes designed to train individuals to work in the field of wind energy. The courses can prepare you for NABCEP certification as a wind power installer. There is again a basic level which is a prerequisite for the other higher level courses.

  • Micro Hydro Training

This area consists of only one course which is designed to prepare you to become certified in the design and installation of micro hydro power and other small scale hydro systems. These systems are commonly used in irrigation ditches all over the western part of the United States

  • Continuing Education

The organization also offers classes to educators and professionals in a variety of fields so that they can learn more about the possibilities of using solar energy and various other forms of renewable, environmentally friendly energy. 

The reason that most people take these courses is that the majority of licensing and certification boards - for different professions such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, educators, and others - require an individual to take continuing education courses to keep up to date on the newest technologies and developments. These courses qualify for NABECP continuing education and many other certifications as well, and they are one of the most popular courses offered by Solar Energy International.

SEI Solar Professionals Certification

solar energy internationalIf you are considering a career in solar energy or any other form of renewable energy, then you should check out SEI’s Solar Professionals Certifications. They offer six specific programs designed to create fully certified, competent professionals. 

Each program consists of between three and five different courses, usually with a few core courses and one or two electives as well. 

Each of the programs comes with a substantial price reduction over the price of taking each class separately. You can learn everything you need to know about either battery powered or grid tied solar systems - or you can specialize in solar business and technical sales. 

Other options include a solar education based around developing worlds that requires a course in a foreign country such as Nicaragua or Costa Rica or you can receive an education that focuses on not only photovoltaic solar energy but also your choice of solar thermal, wind, or micro hydro energy. They even offer a certificate to become a solar trainer’s trainer, so you can teach your own certification courses. 

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