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Need to Keep Your Head Cool? Try a Solar Fan Cap!

While most people consider them merely as a novelty item, a solar fan cap is actually a great way of helping you stay cool when you are in the sun. Solar fan caps or solar fan hats contain a small solar panel either on the brim of the hat or on the top of the hat, and this solar panel provides the energy that powers a small fan which is usually located on the brim.

The fan is normally clipped onto a small hole in the brim and positioned so that the air generated by the fan blows directly on your face. While these products are not the most aesthetically attractive fashion accessories on the market, they are nonetheless a decent way to keep you cool in the sun. 

Just keep in mind that your friends may make fun of you for wearing such a bulky, goofy looking hat, but you can pay no mind to your jealous friends as you will stay cool by ensuring you have your own personal fan blowing cool air directly on your face as long as the sun is shining. This makes solar fan hats a great gift for the fisherman or golfer in your life, and they are also a great way to help cool yourself while jogging, running, or doing any other sort of physical exercise and activity. 

solar fan capWhen deciding what particular model of solar fan hat to purchase, the first thing you need to consider is whether you want a hat with a solar panel on the top of the hat or a solar panel on the brim of the hat. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of solar fan cap. 

The caps with a solar panel on the top of the hat are definitely much more bulky, as the panel itself is normally much larger and sits directly on the top of the hat. 

This can make it kind of floppy and odd to wear, however they also are able to generate more energy to keep the fan running quicker. 

This is partly due to the fact that the panel is larger than the panels located on the brim, but also to do with the fact that a panel on top of the hat is able to be exposed to more sunlight due to its prominent position and the fact that it will never be blocked by the rest of the hat.

There are several different models of hats with the solar panel on the top. Some have a large rectangle solar panel which is very bulky and awkward, while others have a smaller circular panel on top. 

These hats are normally more efficient, but still quite bulky and odd looking. Nonetheless, the solar fan caps with the solar panel built directly into the bill of the hat are still quite efficient and should generate enough energy to keep the fan running and keep you cool whenever the sun is out. This particular type of hat also has the advantage that the solar panel is more built in to the hat, making it much less obtrusive. 

Overall, the models with the panel built into the brim are slightly better, although it does make the cap somewhat heavier in the front. Whatever you decide, you probably cannot go wrong with any of the products listed below as they are all in the higher end of the solar fan caps available for purchase online. 

Solar Powered Fan Hat by Solar Wholesale

solar fan capThis solar fan cap by Solar Wholesale features a small solar panel directly on the brim of the hat which causes the fan to spin whenever it is exposed to sunlight. It sells for around $15 and comes with a one year replacement warranty, so overall it is a decent value for the money. 

There are a few minor downsides to this hat, including the fact that the fan and solar panel make the brim somewhat heavy so the hat tends to slide down over your eyes. Despite this fact, the Solar Wholesale Fan Hat is still a decent hat for the price, although the hats listed below all have a small solar panel on the top of the hat so you won’t have a problem with the hat covering your eyes.

solar fan cap 99Solariffic Solar Cooling Hat

Solarriffic, Inc. offers their own version of a solar cap which includes the least visible solar panel of all the solar hats on the market. This hat sells for around $13, making it one of the cheapest of all solar hats on the market as well. 

Overall, the Solarrific W4033 Solar Cooling Hat is one of the better hats available, especially considering the price, although the cooling it provides is still somewhat minimal.

Sunforce Solar Hat

solar fan capThe solar hat that Sunforce produces contains a very large, rectangular solar panel on the top of the hat, making the hat quite bulky. 

However, this large solar panel is capable of generating much more energy than the other hats, meaning that the fan is capable of moving much more air and keeping you cooler than the other hats on the market. 

The Sunforce Solar Hat sells for around $20, making it a bit more expensive than the other hats. However, if keeping yourself cool is your ultimate goal, and you don’t mind this hats bulkiness, then this product is probably your best bet.

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