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Which are the Best Solar Flood Lights Available Today?

If you’re looking to illuminate your property at night, one of your best options is a solar flood light. There are many different solar flood lights on the market today, and they all include a solar panel which charges a set of batteries to power the light.

Most flood lights are motion activated, which makes them perfect for use as a security light, although many also come with a standard on/off switch for those who don’t wish to use the motion sensor. The majority of these lights use LED lights that last much longer than traditional light bulbs. However, some people don’t like the unnatural bluish colored light that LEDs emit, so traditional Halogen bulbs - which emit a brighter, more natural light - are still available in some products.

Installation of solar flood lights is usually very simple, as most come products will come with mounting brackets and hardware. The mounting brackets will need to be screwed or bolted onto the surface where you wish to locate the light. This is a very simple process if you are placing the light on a wood surface: all you’ll need to do is screw the mounting bracket to the wood using the screws that were included with your light. 

If you’re mounting the unit in brick, you’ll need to drill a hole in the brick and then insert a masonry anchor. Then you can screw the screws into the anchors and you’re light should be secure. Most flood lights will come with concrete or masonry anchors, as well as the screws and brackets.

Popular Solar Flood Lights

MAXSA Innovations 40218 Motion-Activated Dual Head LED Security Spotlight

maxsa02Maxsa is one of the leading manufacturers of solar outdoor lighting, and specifically solar security lights and spotlights. They produce a very popular line of motion-activated security lights, and the Maxsa 40218 Dual Head LED Security Spotlight is one of their best products. This light uses LEDs which will last for years, and it emits one of the brightest lights of all the products on the market. 

The product has a dual head design, meaning that there are two different lights which can be positioned differently to ensure the light covers a larger area. This light comes equipped with a solar panel that is separate from the light, so it can be mounted anywhere to receive maximum exposure to the sun. 

Another big advantage of this product is that it has three different settings that can be adjusted to set the motion detector’s sensitivity, when you want the light to start working, and how long the light should stay on after motion is detected. 

One of the only drawbacks to this product is that it only has a motion detection range of twenty five feet, which is less than many other products. 

This makes it adequate for installation lower to the ground, but if you install it at the top of a ten foot garage, you’ll only have fifteen actual feet of motion detection. However, this is still a top product, and usually costs around $50 which makes it a bargain considering the fact that it’s a dual head light.

MAXSA Innovations 40110 Solar-Powered 30-Watt Motion-Activated Halogen Security Floodlight

maxsa01If you’re looking for a good quality solar floodlight, but don’t like the unnatural blue colored light emitted by LEDs, then you might want to check out the MAXSA 40110 30-watt Halogen Security Floodlight. 

While this light does not produce quite as much light as the MAXSA LED spotlights, the halogen bulb does emit a much more natural and warmer colored light. 

This product has all of the other benefits of the Maxsa 40218, except that this light is a single head light, although Maxsa does produce dual head halogen lights as well. 

Like all Maxsa solar outdoor lights, the solar panel easily charges the batteries enough to allow the light to function all night. However, the price for this light is a bit more expensive than the LED versions due to the price of the halogen unit, and you’ll have to replace the bulbs in this light, while it’s unnecessary in the LED units.

Mr. Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight

mrbeamsIf you’re looking for a cheaper, smaller light, then the Mr. Beams MB360 might be the perfect product for you. At 140 lumen, this light emits almost as much light as the larger lights on the market, while costing less than $20, making it ideal for anyone on a budget. Another added advantage is that this product is wireless so the solar panel doesn’t have to be directly connected to the light, although this also means that there are more things which could fail. 

This light also has a thirty foot motion detection radius, which is higher than that of the Maxsa products, although still not the highest in the industry. The MB360 can also illuminate an area up to 350 square feet, which is quite impressive given the small size of the light. Overall, this a decent product with very few flaws, especially given the low price of this spotlight. Should you be searching for a more powerful light, then the Mr Beams MB390 with its 300 lumen LED's might interest you more.

Concept SL-200 24 LED Solar Flood Light

conceptAnother very popular product is the Concept SL-200, although this product doesn’t emit nearly as much light as many other products available. This is a true floodlight and varies slightly from the Concept SL-100 which is a much brighter security light. 

The SL-200 comes equipped with an on/off switch and no motion sensors, although it does have a remote control so you can turn it on and off remotely. 

One of the biggest advantages of this product is that the solar panel and batteries can easily provide enough energy for this light to run continually for around ten hours, which makes it one of the longest lasting lights on the market.

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