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Open Your Gates Effortlessly with Solar Gate Openers

Solar gate openers are designed to allow you to automatically open almost any type of commercial heavy duty gate through the use of solar power. There are quite a few different models of solar gate openers on the market today, so it is important to do some research on before deciding to purchase a solar powered gate opener.

Many of these gate openers are traditional gate openers that are built to be compatible with solar energy. If you decide to purchase one of these solar compatible gate openers, then you will also need to purchase solar panels as well. Some of the companies which produce these compatible gate openers also manufacture and sell their own brand of solar panels.  

These brands are recommended over the others because you can be guaranteed that all of your components will be compatible if you purchase them from one company, versus purchasing cheaper solar panels that may not be as easily connected to your gate opener.

USAutomatic Sentry 300 Solar Power Compatible Gate Opener and Solar Gate Opener Kit

The USAutomatic Sentry is a line of different commercial grade gate openers. These gate openers are extremely long lasting and reliable and are available for purchase in either a solar compatible unit which requires the purchase of a separate USAutomatic Sentry solar panel, or in a solar gate opener kit which includes the gate opener, a 5 watt solar panel, solar inverter, and all other necessary components. 

The solar panel can be quickly connected to the gate opener via a fifteen foot cord which is included in the kit. This allows you to place the solar panel up to fifteen feet away from the gate opener so it can be placed in an area where it receives maximum exposure to the sun. These solar powered gate openers are extremely efficient, and once the battery is completely charged by the solar panel, the gate opener can function for up to eight weeks with no further exposure to the sun. 

This will guarantee that your gate opener will always work, no matter what type of weather you may encounter. The only small downside lies in the price: the USAutomatic Sentry solar powered gate openers are usually available for between $900 and $1000 - which includes the 5-watt solar panel kit which is sold separately. 

usautomaticGranted, this is quite a bit more than the other products on the market. Nonetheless, these gate openers are also designed for commercial grade gates and are capable of opening much larger, heavier gates that most other brands. 

The biggest advantage of this line of openers is in the warranty. USAutomatic provides a three year full replacement warranty for damaged or defective components and units, and also an additional seven year limited warranty where the components will be replaced at a very minimal additional cost. This means that your product is guaranteed to last for at least ten years, which is the longest manufacturer guarantee of all of the solar power gate openers on the market.

LockMaster Solar Gate Opener

lockmasterLockMaster produces a line of several different gate openers, some of which are only solar compatible while others include a solar panel and all other solar components. 

This line of gate openers normally costs about half the price of the USAutomatic Sentry gate openers, which makes them ideal for those on a tighter budget. However, there are some drawbacks to this brand of openers. 

They only have a one year limited warranty, which is much less than the warranties that accompany their competitor’s similar products. These particular solar powered gate openers are also not nearly as long lasting or of the same high quality as the USAutomatic openers.

Nonetheless, the majority of the LockMaster gate openers are available for between $300 and $500 which is still a decent price given the overall effectiveness of these openers. 

If you are looking for a cheaper gate opener and don’t mind slightly sacrificing some performance for price, then the LockMaster Solar Gate Opener might just be perfect for you!

Mighty Mule Solar Compatible Automatic Gate Opener

mighty muleMighty Mule produces solar power gate openers that are on the lower, cheaper end of the spectrum. These openers are designed for use with much lighter gates and are a decent solution for many lighter gauge ranch and farm gates. This particular brand of gate opener is a cheap solution to your automatic gate opening needs. 

Before purchasing one of these gate openers, it is necessary to make sure that your gate is hung correctly and is in perfect working order, or else the opener will not work correctly. There are several different models of solar powered gate openers that are manufactured by Mighty Mule, and the majority of them can be purchased for less than $250 which makes them one of the cheapest brands available today. 

However, again you need to be aware of the limitations of these products as they are not near as effective as their more expensive counterparts. Like most all other similar products that are sold in this price range, the Mighty Mule FM200 Solar Gate Openers do not come with the 12 volt battery that is required to power the opener, so you’ll need to purchase the battery separately.

Mighty Mule also produces a remote control that can be used to open the gate from a distance without having to get out of your vehicle. Most all other solar power gate openers also have the option of purchasing a remote control as well though. Overall, this is a decent opener given the extremely low price and should be expected to automatically open and close your gate for at least a year or two. 

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