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Solar Hot Water Heaters Are Essential for the Environment

If you are considering using solar thermal energy to heat your water, the first thing you need to consider is what type of solar hot water heater you need to use. This depends mainly on the type of climate that you live in, as certain types of solar hot water heating systems are not compatible with colder climates.

There are both active and passive solar water heaters, and the type you will need depends on where you live and how much hot water you need to generate. We will take a look at the different types of solar water heating systems and give you recommendations on the higher quality brands and lines of products. 

Keep in mind that active solar hot water heating systems require electricity for them to function, so they will not work in case of a blackout unless they are powered by a separate solar energy system complete with its own solar panels and all other necessary components.

Solar hot water heaters require a fairly large initial investment; however the system will normally pay for itself after five years or so. It is recommended that you have a professional evaluate your home and your needs before to deciding to purchase any solar water heating system. 

You should also have the water heating system installed by a professional to ensure that your system functions properly and at its optimal capacity. Overall, solar water heating systems can be an extremely useful way to lower your energy bills and reduce your negative impact on the environment, especially when combined with other solar energy systems.

Passive Solar Water Heaters for Warm Climates

If you live in a warm climate you may want to consider a passive solar water heating system. These are by far the cheapest systems to purchase and the easiest to install. They have no moving parts and are very efficient, but they cannot be used in locations where the temperature drops below freezing as this will damage the collectors and cause the system to stop functioning. 

These systems work by having a heating unit on the roof that pre heats water until it is needed, where it will then be drawn into a conventional backup heating tank or directly to the tap. You can purchase the panels or collectors online for a fairly low price or you can even build your own system. 

solar hot water heaterHowever, if you are really serious about using solar power to produce enough hot water to meet your family’s needs, then you really should consider purchasing an entire passive solar water heating kit.

The most recommended brand of passive solar water heaters is manufactured by Rheem. You can purchase a complete Rheem RS47-21B passive solar water heater kit on Amazon or other retailers for around $3,000. Now this may seem like a high price, but considering this unit should be adequate for almost of all your hot water needs, it will quickly pay for itself and you should actually save a large chunk of money in the long run.

Active Flat Plate Water Heaters for Moderate Climates

solar hot water heater10Flat plate type solar water collectors can be used in any moderate climate, and they feature a flat plate collector that should be placed on the roof. This is connected to the water tank by a series of pumps that will activate when they sense the temperature of the water in the collector plates reaches a certain level. This type of system is also commonly used to provide hot water for pools as well. 

Heliatos Solar manufactures one of the top solar flat plate water heaters on the market. Unfortunately the majority of their systems are quite small and are actually intended for use on RVs and boats. Despite this fact, they still come highly recommended and you can connect multiple units together to provide hot water for your home. 

Active Evacuated Tube Collectors for Cold Climates

Evacuated tube collectors work similarly to flat plat collectors, except that these collectors are made of many small tubes where the water is heated. They still require a pump to move the water from the system into the storage tank or the tap. They are designed to drain the water back out of the system when the heater is not in use so they will not freeze, even in extreme climates. 

solar hot water heater10This is by far the most expensive type of solar hot water heater, and will require a much longer time before it finally pays you back for the large initial investment. Nonetheless, these heaters are still quite efficient and great for the environment. They are also much more adaptable than the other type of solar hot water heating systems and they can be used for many different purposes, including radiant heating, snow melting, and they are even suitable for large scale commercial and industrial purposes. 

One of the top brands of evacuated tube solar collectors is SunChaser. SunChaser manufactures several different sizes of evacuated tube collectors, so be sure that you get the right size for your particular needs.

Alternatively, multiple units of the Sunchaser Solar Hot Water Heater can be connected together quite easily if you are not producing enough hot water to meet your family’s needs.

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