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Brighten Up Your Life With Solar Indoor Lighting

Many people know about the benefits of using solar energy to power outdoor lights, but did you know you can also use solar indoor lighting? You have several different options for solar indoor lighting, depending on what the purpose of the light is.

If you are looking to brighten up your home with natural light from the sun, then the best and easiest option for you is to purchase solar tubes, also known as solar skylights. If you wish to have traditional lights for use in the dark, but want them to be solar powered then again there are several options again depending on what you wish to use the light for. 

The only problem with this type of lighting is that all of this type of solar lighting uses LED lights which produce a harsh, unnatural white or blue light which many people find unpleasing. This makes them less than ideal for use in your home as a large light source. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t uses for solar indoor lighting. 

This type of lighting can be used for celebrations or to create an atmosphere, and this can easily be achieved with solar powered holiday light strings. If you are looking for a light for the interior of a shed or garage, then the best option for you is a hanging solar shed light. Just make sure to buy one with a detached or separate solar panel than can be attached by a long cable, so you can position the solar panel outside in direct sunlight, while the light hangs inside your shed or garage. 

Below we will take a look at each different option for solar indoor lighting, and give you an idea on where to start looking, no matter what type of solar indoor light you are searching for.

Using Solar Skylights for Solar Indoor Lighting

solar indoor lightingIf you wish to add more natural sunlight to your home, then the tubular skylights sold by Natural Light are the perfect product for you. These devices are installed directly between the rafters in your roof, and then use mirrors to reflect and concentrate the sunlight into your home. 

These units are not extremely cheap, and they must be installed by a professional, but they can quickly save you money on your energy bills by adding more natural sunlight into your home. There are also many added health benefits to receiving more natural light, making these products well worth the price. 

For the Natural Light 13" Tubular Skylight Kit, you should expect to pay between $150 and $400 per skylight, depending on the diameter of the skylight you choose. Overall, they are well worth the price and can make a huge impact for such a small device.

Solar tubes are also much more effective at letting light in than traditional skylights because of the fact that they use mirrors to reflect the sunlight into your home. This means that they start letting the sunlight in much earlier than a traditional skylight, and the light continues to come in for several hours longer as well.

Solar Strong Lights to Enhance Your Home’s Atmosphere

solar indoor lightingGudCraft produces one of the best lines of holiday solar string lights that can be used either indoors or outdoors to add a special touch. To use indoors, simply place the solar panel in a window which receives a lot of sunlight. 

You can get a GudCraft Multicolor Solar Powered Lights String Set of 100 LED lights for around $30, and they should last for a few years at least. 

These lights can be used for parties or celebrations, to just to add a little special touch to your room. They are perfect for any party, but the best part about them is that they run entirely off of solar power so you can celebrate without running up your electric bill.

Solar Indoor Light for your Shed or Garage

If you are looking for a solar light to light up the inside of your garage or shed, then there are many different options for solar shed lights. There are different hanging and wall mounted solar lights that can be used indoors. 

The only essential key to ensuring that the light can be used indoors is that it comes with a separate solar panel so you can ensure the panel receives direct sunlight. The longer the cable that connects the solar panel to the light is the better, this way you have the freedom to place the panel wherever it will receive the most sunlight. 

solar indoor lightingPerhaps the best option is a hanging solar shed light, which hangs from the ceiling of your building, and the solar panel is placed directly on the roof and connected via a cable that runs through a small hole that you drill in the roof of the structure. 

This hole can then be sealed around the cable to ensure that it is watertight and no rain is allowed to drip on the light. One of the best options for a hanging solar shed light is the Sunforce Solar Hanging Light, which comes with a handy remote control so you can turn the light on and off when you enter and exit the building. 

This light comes with a high quality 2.5 watt amorphous silicon solar panel, which generates enough electricity to keep the light on for around eight hours a day. This light sells for around $50, and is one of the most versatile and highest quality lights on the market.

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