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Choosing the Right Solar Lamp Post for your Home

Solar lamp posts are one of the best and easiest ways to light up your property, and they enjoy the added benefit of using completely free energy. One of the biggest reasons why people choose solar lamp posts and other types of solar outdoor lighting is for their ease. 

Solar outdoor lights do not require any additional wiring to function, so installation is as simple as placing the lamp post in or on the ground and waiting for the sun to power your lamp. If you already have a post on your property, it is also possible to purchase only the solar lamp which can attach to the top of the post. Another option is to purchase solar lamps which can be mounted to any wall on your home, allowing you to take advantage of solar energy in pretty much any sunny location on your property.

Solar Lamp Post Installation

The term installation is actually a bit misleading, although the lamp post itself must be attached or weighted down to keep it from moving or being blown or knocked over during a storm. Pay close attention to the installation instructions before making your purpose, as some of the posts require you to place them in a hole and fill around it with cement. 

Of course this is a very permanent installation, and is only recommended if you are absolutely sure about the product and the location. However, you don’t need to worry about the lamp burning out or breaking, as the majority of solar lamps are detachable from the pole, so you can change or replace them when desired.

A second, and much more common, method of installation is available on many solar lamp posts. The posts will come with bolts, so the base of the pole can be attached almost anywhere. You can bolt the post to any existing patio, whether it is wood, concrete, or any other type of material. It’s also possible to install these posts anywhere in your yard or garden, provided you bolt them to a sturdy enough wood or concrete base.

Choosing a Solar Lamp Post

Gamasonic Solar Lamps

gamasonicOne of the biggest manufacturers of solar lamps and other outdoor solar lights is Gamasonic. This company offers lights in a variety of different styles and colors to fit any design or need. Many of the Gamasonic solar lights are designed to look like ancient gas lamps or other antique lamps. This gives them a very unique look compared with many of the more modern designs that are available. 

The most important thing to consider is the design of the lamp, as it’s important to choose a style that fits your particular tastes. The majority of Gamasonic’s products are the lamp heads only, so it will be necessary to purchase and install the post on your own.  All products are manufactured to fit a 3 inch post, so it’s important to ensure the post you choose will fit your lamp head. The only major difference in all of their products is the design of the lamp head. 

Featured to the right is the Gama Sonic Royal 87-Inch Lamp Post


  • Made out of strong cast aluminum which makes them sturdy and rust proof
  • Can produce up to 8 hours of light per night in a sunny climate
  • A wide range of design styles to fit any situation
  • Equipped with an on/off switch unlike many other solar lamps


  • The lights require some installation/modification before using. Many people have complained that the screws which hold the light and battery onto the lamp are incredibly easy to strip, and often have to be replaced with self drilling screws
  • The lights only produce about as much light as a traditional gas lamp
  • The lamps produce a faint, bluish light because of the use of LEDs
  • The lamps also cost at least $100 per lamp head, which makes them more expensive than many of the other products on the market

Sunergy Solar Powered Lamp Post

sunergyThe Sunergy line of products is another great one to look into. The most popular is the Sunergy Solar Powered 6.5' Lamp Post with 3 Lanterns. This product has several advantages over the Gamasonic line of products, not the least of which is the price. This lamp post normally costs between $100 and $140, and this price includes the lamp post, three lamp heads, and even a planter which attaches to the base. 

The planter serves as a weight so that the lamp can be installed virtually anywhere without the fear of it blowing away or tipping over. If you don’t wish to use the planter, the pole can also be bolted almost anywhere. This post provides outstanding light due to the 3 lamp heads on each pole, as compared to one or two on most other products. 

The only drawback to this product is that often the batteries don’t charge as well as some others, which means that the lights only work for a few hours instead of a full 8 to 12 hours. However, this can easily be taken care of by moving the lamp and ensuring it gets maximum direct sunlight exposure.

Paradise Solar Lamps

paradiseParadise is another company that makes a fine line of solar lamps and outdoor lights. The most popular is the Paradise GL23702. This product requires the post to be bolted to a heavy object to prevent it tipping over in the wind, although it is not nearly as top heavy as many of the other products on the market. 

The entire product is made of cast aluminum which means that it will not rust, however the screws used are not aluminum and have been known to rust and break. The light output is equal to most other products, and is intended to provide accent lighting, not to illuminate your entire property. 

One of the only negatives of this product is that it requires 8 rechargeable AA batteries, although for some reason the company only provides three out of the eight, requiring the consumer to spend the extra money to purchase the other five batteries.

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