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Solar Lawn Mowers Lead to a Huge Reduction in Emissions

One of the most intriguing solar powered lawn and garden products to be developed recently are solar lawn mowers. Traditional gasoline powered lawn mowers produce a large amount of CO2 emissions: some researchers have suggested that running a gasoline powered lawn mower for only half an hour can produce the same amount of pollution as driving a moderately sized car one hundred and fifty miles.

Due to urban sprawl, many homes, especially in more affluent suburban areas, have large lawns and most people use gasoline powered lawn mowers to cut their grass. This results in a huge amount of pollution each year. 

You can do your part to help lower CO2 emissions and reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing a more eco-friendly electric lawn mower, or you can take the extra step and produce a 100% emission free solar lawn mower. There have been quite a few prototype solar powered lawn mowers developed in recent years, unfortunately very few of them have ever made it to the market. 

Currently there is only one major company selling a solar lawn mower, the Husqvarna Automower, and it has an extremely large price tag. However, there are many electric, battery powered lawn mowers available on the market that produce only a fraction of the emissions of their gasoline powered counterparts, and this is merely due to the fact that they use traditional electricity to charge their batteries. 

Although you have the ability to purchase a separate solar battery charger which can be used to recharge your electric lawn mower’s battery which results in free energy and zero emissions. If you are considering purchasing a solar powered lawn mower or an electric lawn mower, then you need to do fair amount of research before deciding on which model to purchase, especially given the large investment you will have to make. 

Luckily we have already done some of the work for you. Below you will find honest reviews and information on the Husqvarna Automower solar lawn mower, as well as a few battery powered lawn mowers that can be converted to run entirely off of solar power. We will tell you the pros and cons of each type of mower so you can make an informed purchase.

Husqvarna Automower Solar Lawn Mower

solar lawn mowerThe Husqvarna Automower is actually a solar hybrid mower, which contains solar panels on the surface of the mower and also a base station which uses traditional electricity to help recharge the battery. 

Nonetheless, you can always purchase a solar battery charger to replace the base station which can turn the Automower into a truly 100% solar powered lawn mower. 

This is quite a unique product that is actually a lawn mowing robot which trims your grass on its own by following a set path. It then returns itself to its base station to be recharged after it finishes mowing your lawn.

Overall it seems like quite a good product, but unfortunately the extremely high price tag ensures that this product will only be feasible for a small number of homes: the Husqvarna Automower Solar Hybrid has a suggested retail price of $2,347. 

Electric, Battery Powered Lawn Mowers

There are quite a few battery powered lawnmowers that can be found either at online retailers or in home and garden or hardware stores. These products run entirely off a battery and come with a traditional battery charger which needs to be plugged into a power outlet. 

Again, it is possible to purchase a solar battery charger which can replace the traditional one, turning your electric mower into a solar powered lawn mower instantly. Below are a few of the most popular brands of electric mowers. You can find a number of other decent products for sale, just make sure that the product you purchase is a cordless, battery powered mower as these are the only ones that can be converted to run entirely off of solar energy.

Black and Decker Cordless Electric Mowers

solar lawn mowerBlack and Decker is a very trusted brand of tools and garden equipment, and they produce a large line of electric mowers. The majority of their mowers are corded models which need to be plugged directly into a power outlet, however they do have a smaller line of cordless mowers with removable batteries. and because the battery is easily removable, these mowers can quickly be converted to solar energy with a solar battery charger. 

The Black & Decker SPCM1936 is a 36 inch, battery powered, self propelled mower that is one of Black and Decker’s most popular mowers and has a removable battery so charging it with solar power is a breeze. It retails for around $450 which is a decent price for a mower with these capabilities.

Recharge Mowers

RechargeMower is a smaller company that produces a line of three different 36 volt battery powered lawnmowers that can be converted to solar lawnmowers. They produce one push mower and two different models of riding lawnmower. 

solar lawn mowerThe Recharge Mower PMLI-14 is a small push mower that is one of the lightest mowers on the market today, and yet also one of the most efficient and has long lasting batteries. You can normally purchase it for around $450, which makes it a little more expensive that some of the larger Black and Decker models. However, this mower is extremely portable and well-built, and is also one of the quietest lawnmowers on the market. 

The riding mowers are much more expensive, although they are still a bargain when compared with gasoline powered riding lawnmowers. The only drawback to the riding lawnmowers is that you will probably need multiple batteries to finish mowing a whole lawn. Nonetheless, Recharge Mowers are still very good products and can be recommended to anyone looking for a slightly higher quality electric mower.

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