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Solar Lighthouses Will Add Character to Any Garden

Solar lighthouses are decorative solar outdoor lights that can be used to add charm and character to your yard or garden. The term solar lighthouse is slightly misleading, as this term can refer to either a traditional lighthouse, many of which are now solar powered, or it can refer to the smaller decorative outdoor solar lights which are designed to resemble a traditional lighthouse.

For our purposes today we will look at the smaller decorative solar light houses as these are much more relevant to the modern consumer. 

The majority of decorative solar light houses are designed to resemble traditional lighthouses, and are essentially miniature versions of them. You can even find solar light houses available for purchase that are replicas of famous real light houses around the world, although the majority of them are built to resemble a traditional light house such as those that can be found in New England and along the eastern coast of the United States. 

We will take a look at some of the most popular solar lighthouses on the market today and provide honest reviews of the top manufacturers. Nonetheless, it is important to keep in mind that the products reviewed below contain just a few of the many different designs and styles available, so don’t fear if none of these products fits your specific tastes or needs. 

The manufacturer’s that we have highlighted below produce many other models apart from the ones we are looking at, so you can at least have a good start by knowing which manufacturer’s products are worthwhile and produce reliable, long lasting solar lights.

Gifts & Decor Solar Powered Outdoor Garden Lighthouse

solar lighthouseThis 19" solar lighthouse by Gifts & Decor is made from sturdy polyresin. It uses one AAA battery in combination with its solar panel in order to light up the LED inside. It's a nice addition to your garden, both during the day and at night, when it gives off a soft glow. The lights aren't as powerful as in more expensive models though.

The light in the Gifts & Decor Solar Lighthouse will automatically turn itself on when it gets dark outside, and then it will also turn itself off on its own once morning comes. This lighthouse may not emit as much light as its competitors, but for around and about $35, you can have a nice looking ornament that's bound to turn some heads at your next garden party.

Private Label 3 Foot Gray Solar Lighthouse

solar lighthousePriced at around $110, this is not the cheapest lighthouse you can find, but it does have a lot of benefits compared to cheaper models like the one from Gifts & Decor. For starters, this private label solar lighthouse is 3 feet tall, which means it's twice as big. It also comes with four bright LED's emitting a soft amber/yellow glow.

The lighthouse is operated by two AA batteries that can be recharged using the device's external solar panel. Be sure to leave the switch in the "on" position, otherwise your unit won't charge.

Compared to the Gifts & Decor model, which only lasts 8 hours, this lighthouse boasts an impressing 10-hour shine. If you're looking for a hand-painted, highly detailed lighthouse to brighten up your gaden, the Private Label Solar Lighthouse is the one you need!

Master Craft Solar Powered Lighthouse

Master Craft is producer of several different styles of solar outdoor lighting, and they produce the St. Petersburg Lighthouse. It is an extremely detailed and realistic looking replica of a real light beacon, made from molded poly resin composite that can withstand rain and frost.

solar lighthouseThese lights make a beautiful addition to any yard or garden, although its solar panels don't store energy for very long compared to the more expensive models. Overall, Master Craft is known to produce high quality solar outdoor yard and garden lights, and their solar powered lighthouses are no different. Nonetheless, if you are not satisfied by the design and style of the Master Craft products, then you can look further and you will be almost guaranteed to find a different solar powered light house to fit your needs. 

These lighthouses are a bit cheaper than other models: around and about $30 for the Master Craft St. Petersburg. You'll have to make sacrifices in the area of quality and durability, and the solar panels don't generate as much energy as the Private Label lighthouse does. 

It might be worth looking into if you're on a budget and your priority is not to have a lighthouse that can illuminate your garden all night.

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