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Options for solar outdoor lights to illuminate your property

Using  solar outdoor lights around your home used to be too expensive for most, but not anymore due to the many new and less expensive products on the market today. Lighting up your yard or garden with solar energy is a now a realistic possibility for almost any home. Solar energy works by harnessing the sun’s rays to produce energy, which means you can now light up your property without creating any electric pollution. 

The major advantage of using solar lighting outside your house, is that solar lights operate without any form of electrical wiring. This means that they can be installed instantly and effortlessly. These yard and garden lights come with a small solar panel on top, which constantly absorbs the sun’s rays during the day in order to harness energy. This energy is then transferred into a battery inside the light that stores the energy until nighttime, when the lights are illuminated. This means that solar lights never require any electricity, which can save you money on your utility bills.

While solar outdoor lights may seem a little expensive compared to their electric cousins - this initial cost is offset by the fact that solar lights require little to no upkeep and zero energy input, which can save you a large amount of money in the long run. These lights are so maintenance free that most of them even turn on by themselves when it gets dark. They do this through the use of a photo-resistor: a device that reads the amount of light coming from the sun and automatically turns on the lamp or yard light when the sun’s light decreases to a certain level. This makes using solar lighting for security purposes very easy and reliable, as the lights will always be on when the sun goes down. 

How Solar Outdoor Lights Work

Solar energy is actually a fairly simple way of lighting up your yard or garden. The only requirement for these lights to work properly is that they have sunlight shining directly on them for a few hours a day. Most products will work with even a minimal amount of sunlight, as it doesn’t take much energy to power the small LED light inside them. However, the more light that shines on the solar cell will increase the power and effectiveness of your outdoor lights. 

Nearly all modern day solar yard lights are self-sustaining solar units which can be used immediately. Often, these lights are simply pushed directly into the ground wherever you wish to illuminate. These types of yard or garden lights are very simple, with only a few components: the solar cell, a photo-resistor, battery, and a LED light. The solar cell is usually a very small, four-panel cell covered by glass or plastic to keep it from being damaged by changes in the weather. 

The solar cell is connected directly to a rechargeable battery - typically a normal AA battery. The battery stores energy during the day, and then releases it at night when the photo-resistor determines that it’s time for the lights to turn on. In turn, the battery then powers the small LED light located in the actual lamp or yard light. All of these components can be replaced if needed, although in reality, it is probably cheaper to purchase a new solar garden light than it is to replace anything other than the battery. 

However, if you are using a larger or more expensive outdoor solar light, such as a solar lamp post or a security floodlight, it may be possible to purchase replacement parts from the manufacturer, should any of the components wear out or break. 

Types of Solar Outdoor Lights
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There are many different outdoor solar lighting options available today, such as solar lamp posts, security and flood lights, and even solar powered Christmas lights. One of the most popular products are small solar path lights which can be seen in nearly every neighborhood nowadays. These lights come with a pointed end at the base of the light which can be shoved directly into the ground, making the process of lighting up your garden or walkway a breeze. These lights are manufactured by companies such as Westinghouse and Malibu, and can add character to your property in no time. 

Other very popular products are solar flood lights or security lights. These products serve a completely different purpose, but are still extremely effective. 

These lights work in the same way as the smaller versions, but require a larger solar cell and battery to power the bright floodlight. These lights can also be installed quickly, as they require no electrical wiring either. 

Using solar flood lights can instantly give you a sense of security as you’ll be able to view your property with ease. 

Many of these lights also come with a motion detector just like their electric counterparts, which means they will only come on when movement is detected on the premises. These products can be a great deterrent for thieves and lurkers trying to invade your property. 

Want to light up your home during the holidays without sending your electric bill through the roof?  Solar powered Christmas lights are strands of LED lights which run off of one solar cell and battery. They are extremely useful in saving you money for buying presents during the holidays, and work just as efficiently as normal electric Christmas lights.

The options for using solar energy to light your home, both inside and out are ever expanding, and each generation of products is becoming more and more sturdy and reliable. So whatever type of outdoor solar lighting you choose, you can feel confident and happy knowing that you are at least doing a small part to reduce your impact on the planet, while simultaneously saving yourself money in the process.

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