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Solar Ovens Can Change the Way You Cook

Solar ovens are a great way to cook food or boil water without any of the pollution associated with burning fuels such as gas or propane or burning wood. They allow you to simply cook your food using only the heat from the sun’s rays, so they are a great addition to any emergency preparedness kit.

Solar ovens are also a great product to take with you on camping trips, so you can reduce the impact you have on the environment and keep the world healthier for generations to come. We have some plans available for you if you want to build your own solar cooker.

For those who are who wish to have solar cooker, but are not inclined to try and build one themselves, there are many different models of solar ovens available for purchase. We will have a look at some of the most popular and most effective models, but first let’s take a look at the advantages of using a solar cooker.

Advantages of Solar Ovens

  • Uses only the heat from the sun

  • Saves you money on fuel or other cooking costs
  • Produces absolutely zero CO2 emissions
  • Can be used virtually anywhere as long as it is exposed to direct sunlight
  • Most products are extremely portable
  • Can be used in emergency situations where no other heat or power source is available to cook food
  • Can also be used to boil water so you will always have clean water to drink

Using Solar Cookers in Developing Parts of the World

solar ovensSolar cooking devices can go a long way in helping feed the poorer populations of the world. These devices are being donated to people in developing countries all around the world because of their almost limitless possibilities for cooking food and boiling water to ensure that people have clean drinking water. 

Another advantage of these devices is that they can reduce these peoples need to cut down trees to burn for fire. This process has led to mass deforestation around the world, not to mention the amount of pollution released into the atmosphere when wood is burned as fuel for cooking food or boiling water. 

The only danger with some types of solar cooking devices is that they concentrate the sun’s heat and energy to such a point that they can start fires quite quickly and easily. This is mainly true with solar parabolic cookers, so the majority of these devices that are being produced nowadays are more of the solar box cooker type, although many still utilize parabolic mirrors, but in a much safer, more controlled way to make the devices safer and less likely to cause fires.

Sun Oven International

Sun Oven International is the United States’ leading producer of solar ovens. They produce the Global Sun Oven which is designed for normal residential and emergency purposes. 

solar ovensSun Oven International also manufactures the Villager Sun Oven which is designed for feeding large groups of people and is capable of cooking thousands of meals a day or baking hundreds of loaves of bread. Sun Oven International has donating these ovens to needy people all around the world, and they still have a fund in which people can donate so that more of these ovens can be sent to Haiti and other parts of the world that have been devastated by natural disasters. 

This is quite the generous endeavor that has been undertaken by this small company, and by buying the smaller Global Sun Oven, you can help keep this company going strong so it can continue to do its charitable work. Of course, another added benefit is that you will also receive one of the best solar cookers that money can buy.

The Global Sun Oven normally sells for around $260, which is a bargain considering all of the things this product can do for you, and it is an almost essential item for any emergency survival or preparedness kit. The product itself is a small box which has four polished anodized aluminum reflectors which resemble mirrors. 
Best Affordable Solar Ovens For Home Use

solar ovensSunflair #1 Portable Solar Oven, Cookware Included

The Sunflair Portable Solar Oven is perfect for camping, sailing, emergencies, or even just for fun. The oven can bake just about anything, from cookies and pizza to drying out fruits and herbs.

The solar oven kit is ideal when cooking for two to three people, and comes with cookware included. The kit weighs just over three pounds, making it ideal to take along when camping or hiking where fires are now allowed.

You can expand the cooking capacity by using larger pots of your own – black, thin metal pots will give you the best results.

You could even simply use it at home, both during blackouts or in emergency situations, or just when you’d like to beat the summer heat in the kitchen and keep your traditional appliances switched off. By cooking with the solar oven kit, you can save money and cut utility bills, as well as eating healthier by cooking outdoors without the use of propane or coal.

You can also pasteurize water in case of emergency, and cook anywhere if needed.

The especially insulated interior of the oven can reach temperatures of up to 285°F, the same temperature or hotter than a traditional slow cooker, and can also boil and simmer liquids. Slow cooker recipes are perfect to use with the solar oven kit.

The oven can be used to cook all year round if you live below 40 degrees latitude, and for three seasons if above. For the best cooking efficiency, line up the cooking chamber so that it receives full sunlight exposure, and make sure any shadows are positioned evenly behind it.

The solar oven kit folds down to 2 x 15.5 x 19 inches, and includes the oven, two collapsible silicone pots, a rack and heat conducting baking tray, a special solar oven thermometer and a carry bag.

The pots are even dishwasher, microwave and traditional oven safe. The Sunflair portable solar oven retails at around $80 to $100, and has a 30 day money back guarantee.

SunWorks Solar Food Dryer

solar ovensThe SunWorks SFD is tecnically not a solar oven, but it is a great tool nevertheless, for drying all types of food. It is built from solid materials and you can see that the manufacturer has a great eye for quality and detail. 

The food dryer works in two separate ways: first, the sun heats up an absorber plate inside the device itself. The plate is located under the racks that support your meat or vegetables that need to be dried. Secondly, a stream of cool air is pumped through the device: the dry air enters through the bottom of the SFD, and it makes its way to the top, at which point the hot, moist air leaves the device. Thanks to this "Z-flow", your food will be dried faster and more evenly.

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