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Illuminating your Garden with Solar Path Lighting

One of the most popular and common type of solar lighting are solar path lights. You can probably see several different examples of these lights in your own neighborhood. Most solar path lights are either plastic or metal lights that have a stake design so they can be quickly and easily inserted directly into the ground to illuminate your path or garden.

There are thousands of different brands and types of solar path lighting on the market today, however many of these products are quite inferior or are known to break or get damaged quite easily. Solar path lighting is available in a wide range of styles and prices, so you can be guaranteed to find something to fit your particular tastes or budget. 

Nonetheless, it is still important to know that you are getting a high quality product when purchasing these lights. Therefore, below we’ve listed some of the top brands of solar path lights available today. If you purchase a product from either of the two brands listed below, you can rest assured knowing that the lights you are buying will last longer and produce a brighter, higher quality of light than most of the competitor’s similarly priced lights.

Top Brands of Solar Path Lighting

  • Moonrays by Coleman Cable

The Moonrays line of solar path and solar landscape lights from Coleman Cable is one of the top lines on the market. Moonrays solar landscape lights are available in a variety of designs, shapes, colors, and styles to fit any need. Like most other companies, Coleman Cable produces a large line of plastic lights as well as an equally large line of metal lights. The metal lights are of course more expensive due to their superior construction and they will emit a brighter light and last much longer than the plastic lights. 

solar path lightsIf you are looking for plastic solar landscape lights, then you should check out the Moonrays 91381 Payton-Style lights, which can normally be purchased for between $30 and $50 for a ten pack of lights. If you don’t like the style and look of the Payton lights, then Moonrays offers numerous other styles of plastic lights in the same price range. 

While these lights are a bit more expensive than many of the other plastic lights available, they are also much higher quality. Many of their competitor’s lights sell for around $1-$3 per light, while the Moonrays lights are normally a little bit higher and cost around $3-$5 per plastic light. Overall, any of the Moonrays plastic lights are going to be superior to most other plastic path lights available, and they are even better than many other companies’ metal lights as well.

Moonrays also produces a very high quality line of metal LED solar path lighting in a variety of styles and different colors and finishes. We’ll take a look at two of the more popular styles, but rest assured that if these lights don’t suit your tastes, then you can find a Moonrays metal path light that will. The Moonrays metal solar landscape lights are normally available in packs of between 2 and 10 lights, and the price normally runs between $5 and $20 per light. 

solar path lights10The price is normally determined by the strength of the LED, with some models being two times stronger than standard LEDs and other more expensive models containing LEDs which are up to twelve times brighter. The Moonrays 91762 Alexa Style lights come in a bronze finish, and contain LEDs which produce up to six times brighter light than traditional LED lights. 

A four pack of these lights normally will cost you between $30 and $50 depending on where you purchase them from. These lights are one of the more popular styles, but if you don’t like the looks of them, then you should check out the Moonrays 91743 Hudson Style lights. These lights normally cost between $25 and $40 for a six pack of lights, which makes them cheaper than many of the other metal lights. However, they also produce a dimmer light than the Alexa style. Overall, you can’t go wrong with purchasing any of the Moonrays line of solar landscape lights.

  • Westinghouse Solar

Westinghouse Solar is one of the industry’s leaders in the manufacturing of solar lighting, and like Coleman Cable, they produce top of the line solar landscape lighting. 

solar path lightsAgain, these lights are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles, including cheaper plastic path lights and higher quality metal lights as well. Westinghouse Solar produces probably the largest and best line of metal lights on the market today, although some of these lights are also quite a bit more expensive than many of their competitors. 

The Westinghouse Kenbury line is one of their most popular models of metal lights, and you can expect to pay around $50 for a pack of 6 lights. While these lights are slightly more expensive, they also emit one of the brightest lights of any product in this category, and are guaranteed to last much longer than most other lights as well. 

solar path lightsHowever, if you are looking for something a little cheaper, then maybe the Westinghouse Regal line of plastic path lights. These lights will normally cost around $30 for an eight pack of lights, which puts them about on par with the Moonrays plastic path lights. 

While these lights will not emit near as much light, or last as long as the metal and glass versions, they are still quite high quality for plastic path lighting. 

Overall, you can be pretty much guaranteed that you’ll find something that Westinghouse produces that will be to your liking. No matter which style you purchase, you can be comfortable with the knowledge that you are purchasing some of the highest quality solar path lighting that is currently on the market.

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