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A Solar Pool Cover Reel Can Save You Time and Energy

Solar swimming pool covers are effective but extremely heavy, so you should consider investing in a solar pool cover reel. A solar pool cover reel is a tool that can be used to roll and unroll your solar pool cover.

The majority of solar swimming pool cover reels come equipped with a hand crank that makes rolling your pool cover up much simpler and less work. If you already own a solar pool cover, then you know how difficult they can be to move around by yourself. In fact, many people even cut their solar covers into smaller strips to make it easier. However, by purchasing a solar swimming pool cover reel, you can make all of this unnecessary. 

Most pool cover reels contain wheels which are turned by the hand crank, and the wheels or rollers are meant to roll along the deck of your pool with one wheel on each side. The pool cover is attached to the roller with the hand crank and by attaching the pool cover at one end, you can then simply roll the reel along the pool and the cover will unroll itself. 

There are also other fixed reels that require the cover to be rolled off the reel by hand, but then can be simply rolled up by using the hand crank. If you do not already own a solar pool cover but are considering buying one, then you should have a look and see if you can get a package deal including both the cover and the solar pool cover reel. Depending on where you buy the products, you should be able to save yourself some money by purchasing the two together. 

Before you purchase your pool cover reel, there are a few things you need to take into consideration, mainly the size of your pool and the cover. Some solar cover reels are meant for only specific sizes of pools, so you will need to ensure that the reel is wider than your pool. You should make sure to do adequate research on any cover reel before making a purchase to ensure you are getting a high quality product. 

Below we have listed a few of the most popular manufacturers of high quality solar pool cover reels, so you should feel comfortable if you purchase a product from any of these companies.

Hydro Tools Solar Pool Cover Reels

solar pool cover reelHydro Tools is one of the best selling brands of solar cover reels, and they produce a very large line of cover reels to fit nearly any pool, from small scale to large commercial pools. 

The majority of their cover reels can normally be purchased for between $100 and $200, depending on the size of the reel and the materials it is constructed from. This price is quite a bit lower than most other cover reels, so don’t expect a top of the line product. 

Nonetheless, the Hydro Tools line is one of the best overall values on the market, and most all of Hydro Tools cover reels are of the highest quality, although some models are definitely better than others. The one thing you need to pay attention to when purchasing these products is that the reel system does not come with the pole which stretches across the pool and the cover is wrapped around. 

Hydro Tools does this is on purpose, as the cover reel system is adaptable to different widths of pools. You will need to make sure that you purchase an aluminum pole that is wider than the width of your pool. There are many different options; however we’ll take a look at the best overall value for both in ground and above ground pools. 

solar pool cover reelIf you have an above ground pool, one of the best cover reels is the Hydrotools 52000. This is now available for purchase as a complete set, including the pole set. The pole is made of lightweight aluminum that should hold up for quite a few years. You should expect to pay around $140 for this package.

For those with an in ground pool, the Hydro Tools 5100 is one of your best options for a high quality, long lasting cover reel. You will again need to purchase the poles separately, and the poles which fit this particular product are Hydro Tools 51120, 51160, 51200, 51164, or 51204. 

The particular model you will need depends on the width of your pool, as each model corresponds to a different length of pole. 

You should be able to purchase this system at online retailers or in some local pool supply stores for about the same price as the above ground cover reel system.

SolarGuard Reels

solar pool cover reelAnother high quality manufacturer of pool cover reels is SolarGuard. Unlike the Hydro Tools products, SolarGuard solar swimming pool cover reels come with everything you need including the poles. SolarGuard poles are extendable and feature a locking, telescope design. 

Still, the biggest advantage of SolarGuard cover reels is that they feature large twenty inch wheels and big hand cranks. This makes them much easier to roll and you won’t have to bend down as far to grab the crank. 

SolarGuard reels are slightly more expensive than Hydro Tools, but they are also slightly better constructed and come with a one year full replacement warranty

You should be able to find a SolarGuard Pool Cover Reel for around $200, which is still half the price of many other reels and is expandable for pools with a width of up to 20 feet. Overall, SolarGuard produces a high quality product and they are highly recommended.

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