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Solar Pool Heater Plans to Help You Save a Bundle

There are many solar pool heater plans available online which can be used to give you detailed blueprints on the best ways to heat your pool using solar thermal energy. Solar pool heater plans can also be purchased at many hardware stores, although they may not always be necessary.

If you are planning on building a new pool, then maybe it would be best to purchase a set of solar pool heater plans. However, it is not completely necessary as there as many products which can be purchased to cheaply heat your pool with the heat from the sun. We’ll take a look at some of the different ways to heat your pool with the sun and it’s possible to use one or all of these methods in combination to most effectively heat your pool water.

Different Methods for Solar Pool Heating

  • Solar Pool Covers and Insulating Blankets

One of the most important things to understand when heating your pool with solar energy is that all of your heat will be quickly lost without an adequate insulating cover or a liquid solar blanket. A basic pool cover will help to stop the loss of heat, although it will not generate heat itself. With a solar pool cover, you can absorb the sun’s heat and turn your pool into a large solar thermal collector. 

There are hundreds of different solar pool covers available online, and you can be almost guaranteed to find one to fit your pool, no matter its size or shape. The first step to any good solar pool heater plan is to find a high quality solar pool cover to ensure that you not only reduce the amount of heat loss, but that you will also be able to raise the temperature of your pool at the same time.

  • Solar Pool Heating Panels

Solar pool heating panels are usually installed on the roof and appear very similar to traditional photovoltaic solar panels. However, these panels use your pool’s own pump and filter system to move the water from the pool through these panels. The panels themselves contain thin pipes where the water moves through and is heated. 

The panels are usually unglazed, meaning that they are not covered in glass so they are much cheaper than PV solar panels. Unglazed panels are much cheaper, although they should not be used in areas where it might freeze. If you live in a climate where the temperature drops below freezing point, then you have to either purchase glazed solar pool panels or take your unglazed panels down before it freezes to ensure that they don’t rupture or crack. 

You can use these panels to completely heat your pool, although then it will be necessary to devote a large amount of space to the panels. It’s normally recommended that the panels cover over half of the space that the pool itself covers. These systems can usually be installed fairly easily, and can be connected directly to your pool’s existing pump system. 

sunquestNormally, the panels are placed on the roof of your home for in-ground pools. If you have an above-ground pool, you can also find solar pool panels that can be placed directly next to your pool and start heating it in minutes. Either way, the entire system can be installed by yourself fairly easily, although be sure to take care when installing the panels on your roof and always check with your local regulations before performing any construction.

One of the best brands of solar pool panels are designed by Sunquest, and can usually be purchased online for around $160 for a set of four 20 foot panels. 

The SunQuest Solar Pool Panel System is one of the most durable and can easily be installed either on the ground or on the roof. It's perfect for both above ground and in-ground pools.

  • Solar Pool Heaters

There are other types of solar pool heaters available which work in a similar way to the solar pool heating panels. These heaters usually consist of a large coil of black PVC pipe which is attached to a solid base. The majority of these products are usually smaller than three feet by three feet and can be placed directly next to your pool. 

They function in basically the same way as solar pool heating panels: water is pumped through the black PVC coils which absorb heat from the sun and transfer it to the water. Their coil design also makes them require much less space than solar pool panels, while still being just as effective at heating your pool. 

aquaquik 4513By installing one of these heaters, you can raise the temperature of your pool by up to five degrees Fahrenheit a week, and you can install as many of these heaters as you need because they can be simply and quickly linked together. The majority of this type of solar pool heater is can usually be purchased for somewhere between $150 and $350, which makes these heaters one of the cheapest and most efficient ways of using sunlight to heat your pool. 

Game is the most reliable manufacturer of solar pool heaters. Their best, but also the most expensive heater is the GAME 4513 which normally retails for around $350. The GAME 4512 is also a decent heater that is a bit smaller and only costs around $150, although you’d be much better paying the extra money for the 4513 is you can afford it.

  • Other Types of Solar Pool Heating

solar sun ringOne of the newer types of solar pool heating on the market today are solar pool rings or discs. These products consist of plastic rings which can be attached together and are meant to be a replacement for a pool cover. 

These rings consist of two separate plastic rings, one of which heats the air up in the other ring and then transfers the heat to the water in your pool. 

They are designed to be used on at least eighty percent of your pool’s surface, and are a decent way to slowly heat up the temperature of your pool, although they are much less effective than a traditional solar pool cover. 

Nonetheless, you can interlock the rings together, usually with a magnet, and this allows you the ability to only cover part of your pool’s surface and still maintain a useable amount of space in the pool while still generating heat. Homevisions Solar Sun Rings are the most reliable of these rings. They normally cost around $30 for one sixty inch diameter ring or $110 for a set of 5.

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