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Solar Pool Lights Will Illuminate Your Life

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make your swimming pool more environmentally friendly, then solar pool lights might be perfect for you. Having a swimming pool on your property and be very expensive when you take into consideration the cost of buying chemicals, cleaning, heating the pool, and any extra energy needs. All of these factors all lead to swimming pools being responsible for the production of large amounts of pollution due to the high energy needs.

The best way to make your pool more environmentally friendly is to use a solar swimming pool heating unit; however these require a large initial investment and are not the perfect solution for those on a tight budget or people who live in colder climates. Nonetheless, you can still make your pool less polluting and reduce your carbon footprint simply and easily by using solar power to light your pool. 

Solar pool lights are available in a variety of different designs and styles, some of which can still be placed underwater, although this slightly diminishes the amount of energy that they can generate. The most common type of solar swimming pool light is a floating LED light, of which there are quite a few different brands available both online and in pool supply stores. 

The only problem with the floating lights is that they are normally meant to be used only for decoration as they do not provide nearly enough light to illuminate even a smaller sized pool. However, there are floating LED lights that provide more than enough light for most average sized pools. 

solar pool lightsThe only problem is that these lights are not solar powered, but come with rechargeable batteries and a charger that uses traditional electricity. However, these lights can quickly be converted to use only solar power if you use a solar battery charger to recharge the batteries instead of the standard charger. 

 There are also fixed solar pool lights that are attached directly to the wall of an in ground or above ground pool. Determining the right type of solar swimming pool light for your needs depends on the size of the pool and how much light you need to produce. 

Most solar lights come with a rating which suggests the size of swimming pool that they provide adequate light for. Be sure to pay attention to this, because in some cases it may be necessary to purchase more than one solar pool light in order to fully illuminate your pool. 

Below you will find honest reviews on some of the most popular solar swimming pool lights on the market. Overall, all of the products listed below are quite decent and can be highly recommended, so you should be able to feel confident that are you getting a high quality product if you purchase any of them.

Swim Time NA4910 Ultimate Solar Powered LED Light

If you are looking for a fixed solar swimming pool light, then the Swim Time NA4910 Ultimate Solar Powered LED Light is probably the best you will find on the market. In fact, it is one of the only decent fixed lights we’ve come across. The Swim Time NA4910 features four very bright LED lights capable of lighting a pool that is up to twenty feet by forty feet large. 

solar pool lightsThe product also comes with a dimmer which should be used for smaller pools. It contains two small solar panels that are capable of generating electricity even when placed underwater. The product’s battery can store enough electricity to keep the light running for ten hours or longer if you use the dimmer, while the solar panels can recharge the battery at a rate of about two hours of use time per day. This makes the light only suitable for light use and should not be considered by those looking for permanent pool lighting. 

One advantage of the Swim Time NA4910 is that it comes with a remote that can be used to turn the light on from up to forty feet away, so you can turn the light on to illuminate your pool when your are still in your home. The best part about this light is that although it is a fixed light, it is also very portable due to the fact that there is a strong magnet on the back of the product so it can be stuck to any metal surface. 

Another mounting option is to glue or epoxy the included mounting disk on the wall of your pool and then clip the light on the disk. 

Overall, this is the one of the highest quality environmentally friendly fixed pool lights on the market; although it does come with a somewhat steep price: most retailers sell this light for around $220. The price may put some people off; however, the LEDs are rated to last over 9000 hours, and the product should last for a decent amount of time provided it is well taken care of and not damaged. Nonetheless, if you are looking for something a little cheaper, then a floating pool light like the one listed below may be a better option for you.

Floating Lights- Can Be Converted to Solar

solar pool lightsIf you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the fixed light, then the Swim Time NA4172 floating light comes highly recommended as it provides much more light than most its competitors. This light includes rechargeable batteries that can be charged with a solar battery charger, although that is not included. 

While not being as cheap as many of the other floating solar lights, this product is much better made and should last for a few years. You should expect to pay around $100 for both this light and a decent quality solar battery charger. While not providing as much light as the fixed product, this is still a good way to light up your pool with solar power.

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