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Solar Power Generators for Any Emergency Situation

One of the most useful solar devices you can purchase is a solar power generator. These generators are perfect for emergency situations, and many of them are also very portable which makes them ideal for camping, barbeques, picnics, and other such uses as well.

One of the biggest advantages that solar power generators have over their traditional gas powered generators is that they produce absolutely no noise or emissions. This means that you no longer have to listen to the loud drone of a generator while on camping trips. 

Wagan EL2546 Solar e-Cube 1500

solar power generatorThe Wagan Solar e-Cube gives you energy wherever you go. It includes five solar panels in total, which fold out from the top and roll out from the sides. As well as charging it with solar power, you can recharge the unit using AC power or a DC outlet in your vehicle, too.

As well as the solar panels, the unit also includes a fold-out storage component, useful for storing extra accessories. The cube comes complete with a heavy duty handle and all-terrain wheels, which means taking it from place to place is as easy to transporting a suitcase at the airport.

Unlike other portable solar charges, the Solar e Cube is ready to use straight out of the box: no assembly or additional parts are required. 

All you need to do is give it an initial charge and then you’re ready to go. An initial charge takes up to 24 hours via AC, or up to 18 hours in full sunlight, if you wish to charge it using the solar panels only.

The Solar e Cub includes features such as a 1500 watt power inverter, two 115V AC outlets, two 12V accessory outlets for DC appliances, and two USB ports (5V 2.1 amp in total). It also has an LED voltmeter display, so you can check the battery status. It has continuous AC output power capacity of 1500 watts, a 3600 watts peak surge and is ideal for deep cycle applications.

The cube can handle many different types of electronics: it can charge laptops, tablets, cell phones and e-readers. It can also handle appliances such as microwaves, LED bulbs, radios, wireless routers, portable stereos, and even refrigerators! If you need even more power, separate solar panels and batteries can be connected to the device. The cube includes two terminals for panel expansion.

The solar cube costs approximately $1000 and comes with a 2-year limited warranty. It requires no maintenance or fuel once you get it up and running!

Xantrax XPower Powerpack 1500

xantraxIf you are considering a larger solar energy generator, but are put off by the high price of the Ecotricity Eco 1800S, then maybe you should consider the Xantrax XPower Powerpack 1500 portable powerpack. This product produces 1500 watts of DC power, which is slightly less than the 1800 that the Ecotricity, however the Xantrax product can usually be purchased for less than $500 which makes it a much cheaper alternative. That being said, there are a few downsides to this particular product. 

The battery is only rated to last for around 200 charges and then you will have to replace the entire product. Generally, this product is not quite as effective or as long lasting and durable as the Eco 1800S, however the price being a third less may make up for the few negatives it has.

Perigee Expeditionary Solar Power Generator Kit "201-1A"

If you’re in the market for a smaller, more portable solar generator, then the Perigee Expeditionary Kit might be the perfect product for you. Perigree is one of the leading manufacturers of solar generators and other solar battery chargers. The Perigree Expeditionary Kit comes equipped with a foldable 10 watt 12 volt solar panel that is both UV ray and weather resistant. 

perigee 201However, all Perigee generators can be upgraded to include more or stronger solar panels, up to forty five watts, for faster and more efficient charging and energy generation. 

This generator has a dual two hundred and four hundred watt AC inverter which can be used to power many different medium draw devices such as laptops and fans, or it can also be used as a battery charger. 

The device also contains a DC outlet that can be used to power any USB device, and also any device which can be powered through your car’s cigarette lighter outlet.  

The Perigee Expeditionary Kit falls into the middle price range for solar generators, and can usually be purchased for between $550 and $700. The only major drawback to this product is in its extremely limited warranty. All Perigee products come with a fourteen day return policy, and a ninety day limited warranty, while many other portable solar power kits on the market come with a full one year warranty. 

Nonetheless, Perigee products are known to be quite durable, so you can still feel confident that you are purchasing a high quality, worthwhile product when you buy from Perigee.

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