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Start Generating Energy Today with Solar Power Kits

One of the easiest ways to start generating your own emission free electricity is by purchasing solar power kits. These kits contain everything you need to generate and consume solar energy, and can usually be installed in less than a day. 

Kits are a great way to begin any do-it-yourself solar project, as they allow you purchase everything you’ll need at one time and usually come with detailed instructions on how to put the kit together. There are many different types of kit available from residential and light commercial kits to kits for your boat or RV. 

Solar energy kits are usually much cheaper than purchasing the components individually, although they don’t allow you the freedom to customize your solar generating system. However, even if you want a custom solar system, a kit is still a great way to at least begin pricing your solar system so you don’t overpay for the individual components.

Types of Solar Power Kits for Residential Use

  • Grid Tie Solar Kits

Grid tie solar kits are the most common type of solar energy kit available. They are used to tie your solar unit into the electric grid. This means that any power you produce but don’t directly consume is sent to the electric company. With a grid tie kit, if you produce more energy than you consume, then the power company will pay you for the excess energy you produced, although usually it is only in the form of a credit on your electricity bill. With these kits, the energy produced during the day will be sent to the grid, and you’ll be consuming energy from the grid during times when your solar unit isn’t generating electricity.

  • Off Grid Solar Kits

Off grid solar energy kits differ from grid tie kits in that the energy you produce is stored directly in your own system through the use of a rechargeable battery. These kits are very useful for locations where there is no power grid available, or for people who want to completely live off the grid. They are the perfect choice for any remote or rural cabin or home. 

While you won’t be able to earn money from the energy you produce, you will still be able to store and consume as much energy as your solar panels can produce. The benefit of having a battery is that it will store the energy you create so you’ll still be able to consume electricity at night when your system isn’t producing power.

What is Included in a Solar Power Kit?

All solar kits come with at least one solar panel, a solar inverter, and all of the necessary electrical components you’ll need such as wire, cable, disconnects, and power boxes. Off grid kits also come with a rechargeable battery to allow you to store the energy your system produces. All good kits also come with a detailed instruction manual, usually making the installation of your solar unit a very simple process that can be completed in less than a day.

Benefits of Purchasing a Solar Energy Kit

The main benefit of purchasing a solar power generating kit is in their simplicity. If you wish to install your own solar unit, you’ll need to purchase each piece of the solar unit individually, while checking to make sure each piece is compatible with one another. Kits come with everything you need to quickly start generating solar energy. 

There are hundreds of different kits available to fit any need. Some kits require more technical knowledge and should still be installed by a professional, while there are also many do it yourself kits available as well. There are even so-called “plug and play” kits available where all you need to do is place the solar panels in the sun and connect the cords. This type of kit can be producing energy less than an hour after you receive it. 

Other Types of Solar Power Kits

  • RV Kits

rv solar panelsYou can purchase an RV kit which is able to provide all the energy you’ll need to live comfortable inside your RV or motor home. These kits come with solar panels than can be mounted directly on top of the RV and all of the other components you will need. Many traditional kits can be used on an RV, however often this voids their warranty if they are damaged while connected to an RV. 

By purchasing a kit specifically designed for motor homes, you can be sure that it will function perfectly in any situation, so no matter where the road takes you, you can be confident knowing you’ll always have electricity. 

Make sure to pay close attention when purchasing an RV kit, as many are designed for RV’s that already have an inverter in them. Check your RV owner’s manual to determine whether or not your vehicle comes with a built-in power inverter.

  • Marine Kits

marine solarAnyone who owns a boat knows all about having to keep your boats batteries charged, especially if you use a smaller electric motor at times. 

With marine solar kits such as the ever-popular Sunforce 50022 you can generate enough power to always keep your boat’s batteries fully charged while on water or land. The kits usually come with one or two solar panels and mounting brackets for attaching them to your vessel, as well as all of the wiring, fuses, and other components you’ll need to generate solar power. 

The added bonus of these kits is that they generate much more electricity than smaller marine solar battery chargers, which makes them ideal for sailboats, yachts, or any other larger vessel. 

They can not only keep your battery charged, but also produce enough electricity to run any electronic devices you may have onboard.

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