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Solar Powered Fountains Add Charm to Your Yard

If you are considering purchasing a fountain to add some character to your yard or garden, then you need to have a look at solar powered fountains. Solar water fountains and solar fountain pumps are available in most home and garden stores as well as online retailers such as Amazon.

Solar powered fountains utilize a small solar panel to generate enough energy to power the fountain so it can run all day long. The only major criticism of most all solar fountains on the market today is that they do not come with a battery, therefore they are not capable of storing any excess energy that is created. This means that the fountain will only function properly when the solar panel is full exposed to direct sunlight, and it will stop running as soon as the sun goes down or is shaded by clouds.

There are many different solar powered fountains available and they come in a wide range of styles. You can also find solar fountain pumps which can be used to convert any traditional fountain to run on solar energy. 

Before making any purchase, you should be sure to do a little research so you can be sure that the product you are purchasing is of a high quality. One of the top lines of solar water fountains is produced by Smart Solar, and if you purchase one of these fountains, you can be guaranteed that you will be purchasing a long lasting, reliable solar power fountain.

Smart Solar Water Fountains and Cascades or Waterfalls

Smart Solar is one of the leading manufacturers of solar powered outdoor and garden products and accessories. The company is located near Oxford, England and has offices around the world in the United States, France, Germany, and Asia. Smart Solar’s solar powered fountains and other solar garden products are some of the top available products in their respective categories. 

The majority of Smart Solar’s solar fountains are decorative ceramic or metal fountains and waterfalls or cascade fountains that can be placed anywhere in your yard or garden to add a little character. These come in a variety of designs and colors, so the odds are good that you will be able to find a fountain to fit your own particular taste and style. 

These fountains are usually available for purchase for between $30 and $150, depending on which model you choose. All of these fountains are well made and should last for a long time, so you can feel comfortable purchasing any of Smart Solar’s products. If you are looking for a standalone solar powered fountain, then any of these products should suit your needs. 

solar powered fountainsSmart Solar manufactures a very popular line of different cascade fountains, which utilize multiple ceramic pots to slowly allow water to cascade from one pot to the next until it is eventually re-circulated into the top pot to start over again. The cascade can be placed anywhere in direct sunlight and the water will start flowing almost immediately. 

These are completely stand-alone units that do not require any wiring or maintenance. These cascade fountains are an extremely popular product that is guaranteed to look good and charm to your yard or garden. 

These products can normally be purchased for prices depending on what the fountain is made of and also on the style of finish and the color. The Smart Solar 23941R01 Lava Red Finish (pictured) comes in at $140.

The Green Ceramic Cascade Solar Fountain may suit your garden even better in some cases. This one will set you back about $130. Overall, they are one of the best lines of cascade fountains on the market, although the price definitely reflects this, as they are also one of the more expensive line of cascades as well.

Smart Solar also produces many other decorative water fountains and other water features. Another very popular product is the Smart Solar Aquatic Range Floating Lily. This product is designed to look like a lilypad, and can be placed directly in any existing pond, birdbath, or other water feature. 

solar powered fountainsThe floating design allows you to simply place the lilypad on the surface of the water, and then the pump underneath it will quickly start pumping up to thirty gallons of water per hour. 

This particular product features small solar cells directly on the face of the lily pad, so you need to be sure that your water feature is exposed to direct sunlight or else your fountain will not function at its optimal level or it may not run at all. 

You can normally purchase this product online for around $50, which makes it a bargain compared to many of the other fountain pumps on the market today, especially considering that this product runs solely off of energy that is generated by the sun’s rays. 

Another great advanatage that this floating pump has over other fountain pumps is in the design. Most pumps merely sit at the bottom of your water feature and spray water into the air. However, this product was designed to very closely resemble an actual lily pad, and it has a much more aesthetic appeal than the majority of other pumps on the market. 

There are many other brands and models of sun powered fountains that you’ll find available for purchase, and many of them are probably decent enough products. Nonetheless, Smart Solar produces by far the largest and most reliable range of products, and you are recommended to stick with them.

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