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Use the Right Solar Shed Light to Spot Your Tools

Solar shed lights are one of the most popular types of outdoor solar lighting available today. A solar shed light is designed for use inside or outside sheds, garages, or any other structure. It differs from a solar flood light because it is not motion sensitive, rather it comes with a traditional on/off switch.

These shed lights are self-sufficient solar units, as they include a small solar panel which charges a set of batteries that power the light itself. Although marketed for use in a shed or shop, the majority of these lights are only powered by a few small batteries, and therefore do not emit much more light than a flashlight. 

This makes them suitable as a small light for finding your way through a building at night, but not nearly powerful enough to be used for performing any sort of detailed work. They are best installed inside a building for use as a nightlight. You can find solar panel shed lights at some hardware/home improvement stores, and also at many online retailers such as Amazon.

Most Popular Solar Shed Lights Available Today

Gamasonic GS-16L Light My Shed 2

shed01Gamasonic is one of the industry’s most trusted manufacturer of self sustained solar units and kits. They currently offer the GS-16 line of Light My Shed solar lights. The Light My Shed 2 is available with either LED or fluorescent lights, and comes with a built in nightlight that makes it easy to find the on/off switch in the dark. 

It also comes with a compass to make it easy to adjust the solar panel to gain maximum exposure to the sunlight. 

However, the Shed My Light units only come with a ten foot cord to connect the solar panel to the battery charger, which severely limits your options for the light’s location. Another drawback to the Shed My Light line is that they cost in excess of $110, while most other lights in this category are usually under $40. 

Nevertheless, the Gama Sonic GS-16L does emit slightly more light than many of the cheaper alternatives, and the batteries tend to be able to power the light for longer as well. If you don’t mind spending the extra money, this product can be quite reliable and one of the stronger lights on the market, although it still doesn’t emit enough light to make it a viable work light. 

Gamasonic GS-33K Crown

shed02Gamasonic also produces a second type of solar powered shed lights, which is the Crown type. These lights are meant to be installed in the ceiling to resemble a normal light, and the solar panel is installed on the roof directly above the light, with the two being connected inside the roof. 

These lights are a much more permanent option, as you’ll need to seal around the hole in the roof to prevent leaks. 

These lights are much cheaper than the Gamasonic Light My Shed line, but they also produce one of the weakest lights of all products in this category. Keep this in mind when thinking of purchasing the Gamasonic GS-33K.

Designers Edge L-949 10 LED Rechargeable Solar Panel Shed Light

Designer’s Edge manufactures the L-949 Solar Panel Shed Light which contains ten long lasting LED lights, and a solar panel which charges three AA batteries. The kit includes three rechargeable Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) batteries, which are located underneath the permanent mounting bracket, meaning you will have to take the light off the wall and take it apart to change the batteries. 

These batteries only last for about one year on average, so it makes it necessary to take the light down on at least on a yearly basis and much more if you use the light often. However, it’s possible to purchase Nickel Metal-Hydride (NiMh) batteries from any hardware store which will last for several years, making this product much better overall. 

shed03The LED lights in the L-949 lights will last for around 100,000 hours, making this product one of the longest lasting products on the market when combined with NiMh batteries. Although the light emitted from these LEDs is still a faint, unnatural blue color like most other solar panel shed lights, it will stay light for around four hours on a fully charged battery. 

Another advantage of this light is that it comes with a twenty foot extension cord, so the light and the solar panel can be placed further away from each other. 

The only other drawback is the screws and hardware that come with this light are quite cheap and break easily, but they can be easily replaced. The Designers Edge L949 Solar-Panel Security Light usually comes in at a price of around $20 to $30, making it one of the cheaper lights available. The price, combined with the lasting power of these lights makes this product one of the better overall products on the market today.

Sunforce 81095

shed0410Sunforce is another of the industry’s leading manufacturers of solar outdoor lighting, although they have come up a little short with the 81095 Solar Panel Shed Light. 

This light is equipped with five LED lights, which are supposed to last for over 3 hours, but in reality usually only last for a little over an hour. 

This is mainly due to the fact that this light is only powered by one NiCad AA battery, where most of the competitors use at least three batteries. 

The Sunforce81096 is usually available for around $30, making them a cheap option for lighting your shed, If you're on a budget, the Sunforce 81095 might be an option worth considering for you. But for roughly the same price, you’d be much better off purchasing a light such as the Designer’s Edge L-949 mentioned above, which emits double the amount of light and has three batteries instead on one to make it last much longer as well.

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