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Purchasing Solar Sign Lighting for Your Home or Business

Solar sign lighting can be used to illuminate any type of sign, including real estate signs and company logos, and there are also solar address lights available to illuminate your street address on your home. The majority of solar sign lights are very simple devices that are designed to be quickly mounted above any existing sign or your address plate.

Solar sign lighting usually uses LED lights which are mounted directly below a small solar panel. The solar panel charges the devices batteries - usually one or two AA batteries. These batteries then provide the electricity to power the light once the sun goes down. The majority of solar sign lights will turn themselves on automatically at night, although some of the higher quality models will also have other options for when they turn on and how long the light will stay illuminated. Listed below are some of the top models of solar sign lighting that are currently available for purchase.

The Illuminator Solar Address Lamp by Whitehall

Whitehall is a leading manufacturer of solar outdoor lighting and produces the Illuminator solar sign lighting. The Whitehall Illuminator is an extremely lightweight plastic light that is designed to easily mount above your address numbers. This light comes with two high quality, rechargeable NiMh (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries which are guaranteed to last for over a year, and are quite cheap to replace when needed. 

sign lightingThe batteries power a bright LED light which provides more than enough light for your address to be seen at night, even from quite a distance. 

This light will turn on automatically when the sun goes down, and the batteries provide enough energy to keep the light running all night long, until it finally turns itself off at dawn. The only negative aspect to the Whitehall Illuminator lies in its plastic construction. 

This product is made out of extremely lightweight plastic which seems quite flimsy and looks like it could break very easily. Nonetheless, The Illuminator by Whitehall solar address light can normally be purchased for under $40, which puts in the same price range as most other types of solar sign lighting. 

This light looks very aesthetically pleasing, and overall is quite a decent product for the price. Just don’t expect to last forever, especially if you live in an area with extreme weather changes.

Frostfire LED Motion Sensor Light

solar sign lightingThe Frostfire Bright LED Solar Motion Sensor Light is a great addition to the entry of your home, office, or anywhere where extra light and security could be useful. It can also be used to light up the entrance of a garden shed, garage, or anywhere else you need a bit of extra light when passing by.

The light uses a 0.6W solar panel to charge the light during the day, and then at night the light automatically updates once motion is detected.

It will switch itself off again after 30 seconds if no further motion is detected. When motion is not detected, and it’s after dark, the light will stay in a dimmed mode, until the sun rises the next morning.

The kit includes the solar light, activation key and two screws and wall plugs, which makes the installation easy as pie. There are no cables or batteries to worry about. The battery needed to power the light comes included and can be charged only with solar power. The durable metallic finish ensures a long lifespan.

The light itself uses a powerful 16 LED solar outdoor light, and is waterproof and heatproof. It activates a bright light when there is motion anywhere within a three meter radius. The solar panel has a 5-year lifespan, and the LEDs will last for 50,000 hours!

The design of the light itself is modern and stylish, and will fit in unobtrusively with any home design. The Frostfire LED wireless solar powered motion sensor light retails for a price of around $15-30.

Clear Lake Enterprises Solar Sign Light

sign lightingClear Lake Enterprises is a very small company, but they produce quite a high quality solar real estate sign light. This particular light is quite cheap compared to most other products in this category and can usually be purchased for around $15. One of the biggest advantages of this particular product is that it is constructed of stainless steel, which makes it last much longer and ensures that the product will never rust. 

However, there are also a few negatives that can be associated with the Clear Lake Enterprises light as well. First off, the light is designed to be installed by simply using 3M double sided tape pads, which makes the product quite easy and quick to mount and install, but the tape isn’t sufficient to keep this light mounted for long periods of time or in very severe weather. 

Another thing is that this light only uses five LEDs, so it will not emit nearly as much light as many of its competitor’s lights. The only other negative is that this product is quite sensitive to other forms of light, so it will not turn itself on automatically if it is near any other sort of lighting, such as street lights. Nonetheless, this product is still quite a bargain considering its low price.

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