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View The Exciting Solar Activity with a Solar Telescope

A solar telescope is a great device for those interested in learning more about the sun or viewing solar storms and flares. A solar telescope is a type of telescope that is used to take pictures of the sun. Unlike normal telescopes, the solar version is used during the daytime which causes some issues with the picture not being quite as clear as when looking at night.

This is due to the fact that the ground around the telescope is heated up by the sun during the day and this results in turbulence which affects the quality of the picture produced. This is why large scale solar observatories are built high off the ground or have other aspects of their construction which allow them to stay cooler and thus produce a much higher quality image of the sun. 

Solar observatories are always built on a tall structure that is painted white to reduce the amount of heat it absorbs. For smaller, personal sun telescopes it is possible to use them in areas which are shaded to reduce the amount of turbulence and ensure that you receive a clearer picture. Heat is also a problem for solar observatories in a different way. 

Solar observatories use large mirrors to concentrate and focus the sunlight, which thus creates a large amount of heat not unlike the heat created by a solar concentrator. However, unlike a solar concentrator which uses the heat to create energy, a solar observatory must somehow deal with all the heat to keep it from damaging the device itself. 

solar telescopesIt is also essential to stopping the heat from causing any additional turbulence in the air around the telescope. This is why all solar telescopes contain a heat stop, which is a device that allows the device to survive the amount of heat created by the focused sunlight. 

Even the small personal devices contain a heat stop albeit a much smaller one as much less heat is created when using a smaller lens.

Most sun telescopes work based on a heliostat which is a device that allows the telescope to precisely track the sun during the day. This way the lens can stay focused on a particular part of the sun, such as a sunspot or solar storm. Even personal units track the sun, usually with the aid of the computer that it is connected to. 

Using Personal Solar Telescopes to View the Sun

If you are interested in solar activity, then purchasing a sun telescope is by far the best way to view this activity. While this requires an investment of at least a few hundred dollars, it is still well worth it for those who really want to view all of the amazing solar activity.

If you’re considering purchasing a solar telescope, it is essential that you do adequate research to ensure that the product you are buying is of the highest quality and best value. There are hundreds of different products on the market, each claiming to be the best telescope that money can buy. Unfortunately they cannot all be the best. 

That's why we have done some of the research for you, and below we have listed two of the better telescopes that you can get without having to break the bank. Both products are made by highly reputable manufacturers, and are quite easy to use and more than adequate enough for most solar enthusiasts, but the best thing about these two products is that they are in the lower end of the price range for high quality solar telescopes.

Celestron Travel Scope 70 Eclipse Edition

solar telescopesCelestron is one of the leading producers of telescopes and other astronomical devices. They produce very high quality products, and the Travel Scope 70 is no different. This small, lightweight telescope is very portable so you can take it anywhere with you to view the solar activity happening on the surface of the sun. 

However, the best part of this product is that it retails for under $60, making it one of the most affordable sun telescopes on the market. This is a fairly simple telescope that comes with a tripod and a white light solar filter, and is easy to point and focus on objects. 

The Celestron 21035 70mm Travel Scope is a great scope for beginners, or those not looking to spend a few hundred dollars on a higher quality product.

iOptron Solar 60

solar telescopesIf you are looking for a more technologically advanced, automatic sun telescope, then the iOptron Solar 60 is the product for you. This product is a fully computerized telescope that comes with a 1.3 megapixel electronic eyepiece that can be connected to your computer with a USB cable. 

It also includes a controller with a 5000 object database, so you can simply pick the object and the telescope with find it and focus on the object. It can be used day or night, so it is both a solar and normal telescope.

This device is slightly heavier than the Celestron, but it still weighs less than twenty pounds, and even comes with a matching orange backpack to make it very easy and convenient to take around with you. 

This is by far one of the best computerized solar telescopes that you can get, and at a price of around $400, the iOptron Solar 60 is much cheaper than many of its competitors, and our personal recommendation.

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