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Solar Watches Stop Environmental Pollution In Time

There are hundreds of solar watches available in a variety of styles which allow you to always be able to tell time without the need to purchase replacement batteries.

Discarded batteries are one of the leading causes of environmental pollution due to the fact that most batteries contain alkaline and many different metals which can seep into the soil and ground water. Batteries should always be discarded of properly, and most landfills and waste management stations have a separate battery recycling area. 

However, most people only recycle larger batteries, such as those in automobiles. The majority of small batteries are simply thrown into the trash, where they will eventually end up in a landfill and contribute to the pollution of soil and ground water. This is what makes solar watches so important, because although they still contain batteries, their batteries are always rechargeable and will normally last for the entire lifetime of the clock, sometimes for several decades. Nonetheless, even with a solar powered watch, it is still necessary to recycle the battery once it has reached the end of its life cycle.

Most all of the major wristwatch manufacturer’s from around the globe have a line of solar powered products. They are available in a huge array of styles and colors, but they all have in common the fact they run entirely on energy that is generated from light. These watches each contain a very small solar cell on the face of the clock that produces energy to charge the battery. 

The three companies listed below are some of the most popular wristwatch brands in the world, and each produces a very reliable line. With the huge variety of designs available, you can be guaranteed that you will find a device to fit your taste and your budget. If you purchase a watch from any of these companies, you can feel comfortable knowing that it will work well and you won’t throw away used batteries.

Casio Solar Watches

solar watchCasio produces a huge line of solar powered wristwatches, and is the world’s leading manufacturer of digital clocks. Some of them have rechargeable batteries which are charged by the device’s solar cells, while others have no battery at all. All Casio solar powered watches have small solar cells hidden directly in the face, and these cells provide enough energy to keep your new buddy running for years. 

These devices require very little energy, so the solar cells can generate electricity in almost any light condition, and they can even make use of artificial or fluorescent light to keep their battery charged. The majority of digital clocks you will see are Casio solar powered watches, and the company has long held a huge share of the digital market. 

The advantage of Casio instruments is that they are usually extremely affordable, especially since some inferior clocks can set you back several hundred dollars. Compare that to Casio digital watches, many of which can be purchased for around $30 and are known to be extremely long lasting. While Casio is best known around the world for their digital devices, they also produce a large line of analog solar clocks as well. 

The Casio G-Shock line is all solar powered and known to be one of the longest lasting device ranges on the market. These watches take advantage of Casio’s patented G-Shock technology to make them almost indestructible. Casio G-Shock clocks are available in a huge variety of styles including digital and analog or dial faced, as well as wide range of designs and colors to fit almost any taste or style. 

The Casio G-Shock Tough Solar Power Atomic Watch range falls into the higher end of similar Casio products and are available for purchase for between $100 and $300 depending on the specific style and model of the instrument.

Citizen Eco-Drive

citizen solar watchCitizen has been the world’s largest manufacturer of wristwatches every year since 1986 and they produce the Citizen Eco-Drive line. These clocks are powered by an almost microscopic solar cell which is hidden directly in the face of the dial. Citizen specializes in producing analog or dial watches, and due to Citizen’s position in the market, their products are usually extremely affordable. 

The majority of the Citizen Eco-Drive range can be purchased directly from Citizen for between $80 and $130. This makes them slightly cheaper than the Casio G-Shock watches, although they are not quite as tough or resistant as their Casio equivalent. 

However, the majority of these instruments are designed with a different market in mind, and are meant to look sleek and fashionable so they can be worn in almost any situation. 

Nonetheless, the Citizen Eco-Drive Canvas Strap Watch is also available in sports versions and even a professional diving device. The Citizen Eco-Drive line is all backed by Citizen’s five year full replacement warranty, so you can be guaranteed that you are purchasing a product which should last for years.


seiko solar watchSeiko is another leading producer of watches, and produces clocks which are very similar to the Citizen Eco-Drive line. The majority of the watches that Seiko produces are dial watches, and they are designed to look elegant and stylish. 

Seiko watches are available in a wide range of prices from under $60 to over $200 depending on which style you choose and the used materials as well. 

This range also utilize a minute solar cell that blends in perfectly with the face to make it almost invisible. Like most all other solar watches, Seiko watches can be charged by any type of natural or artificial light and require very little light to keep them ticking for weeks. One of the most popular watches in the Seiko range is the Seiko Adventure-Solar Watch.

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