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Solar Water Pumps Can Add New Life to Your Birdbath

Solar water pumps are unique products that can turn any ordinary solar pond or solar birdbath into a fountain by utilizing the sun’s rays to provide free energy to the pump. The majority of solar power water pumps you will find available for purchase are self contained units which include a solar panel and water pump plus a cable to connect the two.

When deciding to purchase a solar powered water pump, there are a few things you need to make sure to take into consideration. First, you need to determine the size of the pump that you will need based on the size of your water feature and the size of the fountain itself. Each particular product should state how many gallons of water it is capable of pumping per hour, and most products also come with a recommendation as to the size of water feature that they are suitable for. 

By taking this into account, you should be able to find the right size of solar powered water pump to fit your specific needs. Another thing to take into account is the length of the cable that is used to attach the solar panel to the pump itself. Solar power water pumps work well when exposed to direct sunlight, however they do not contain a battery and are therefore unable to store any excess energy that they create. 

This means that the pump will only work properly if the solar panel is fully exposed to direct sunlight which makes the location of your solar panel of the utmost importance. If you purchase a product with a longer connecting cable, then you will have much more freedom to place the solar panel in the ideal location where it can receive as much sunlight as possible during the day. 

Smart Solar SunJet 150 Solar Powered Water Pump

The Smart Solar SunJet 150 is a solar power water pump that can be used to power any traditional fountain, or it can be added to any existing birdbath or other smaller water feature. This product is one of the top solar water pumps on the market today and features a solar panel that is capable of pumping up to forty gallons of water per hour. 

sunjet 150The solar panel is connected to the water pump by a sixteen and a half foot cable. This allows the panel to be placed a ways away from the fountain, so you can ensure the panel is placed in the optimal location where it can receive constant, direct sunlight throughout the day. 

The Smart Solar SunJet 150 comes with three different heads which can be changed to create different spray patterns from the fountain. 

The fountain will shoot water about 10 inches upwards, so it is ideal for circulating water in once stagnant birdbaths. This pump can usually be purchased online for between $45 and $70, which is in the higher end of the price range for solar water fountains. 

Nonetheless, this particular solar water pump is well worth the price, and also comes with a two year full replacement warranty so you can feel comfortable knowing your product will be replaced should it break or stop functioning properly. Overall, this is quite a decent solar water fountain pump and comes quite highly recommended, especially since it is manufactured by Smart Solar.

Instapark Solar Water Pumps

Instapark is another of one of the most trusted names in solar powered water pumps and fountains. The majority of their products are self contained solar water pumps which can be added to any existing birdbath, pond, or other water feature to turn it into a fountain which runs entirely through the use of solar energy, so they will not cost you an extra penny on your energy bills. 

instaparkInstapark produces a range of several different solar power water pumps suitable for many different situations and uses. To determine which model of Instapark solar fountain pump is right for you, you first need to know what size of fountain you want and how much water you need to be pumped each hour. The smaller pumps are more suited for birdbaths and other small water features, and therefore cost less money. 

The larger, more expensive pumps are ideal for use in ponds and other larger water features. The Instapark GYF-0028 solar water fountain pump is capable of pumping up to seventy eight gallons of water per hour, and is available for purchase for around $60, which makes it cheaper and stronger than the Smart Solar SunJet 150. 

Another great product is the Instapark 5 Head Solar Pump Garden Fountain Pond Water Feature, which features five different heads that can be changed out to give your fountain a different look depending on which head you decide to use. This product can normally be purchased for around $30, which makes it one of the cheaper alternatives on the market. 

Instapark also produces several other water pumps in different sizes and in a wide price range. They also produce one of the largest solar pumps on the market, the Instapark GY-0050 which includes a 50 watt solar panel and can be used to power very large fountains. This is a very strong solar pump, producing a fountain over one hundred and twenty inches high at a rate of over five hundred and twenty gallons of water per hour. 

The price reflects the strength and capability of this pump, with the GY-0050 being available for purchase for $399.50. Overall, Instapark solar power water pumps are one of the more reliable lines you will find and you can’t go wrong purchasing any of their products.

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