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A Solar Water Purifier Saves Lives By Providing Clean Water 

Did you know that you can easily clean and purify water with solar energy by using a solar water purifier? These products can be used to provide clean drinking water. There are also other products which can be used to clean your pool water and remove any algae and bacteria from it.

First we will look at solar purifiers that can be used to provide clean drinking water, and then we will take a look at products that can be used to clean your pool or pond water.

No emergency or survival kit can be considered complete unless it includes a solar water purifier, also known as a solar still. A solar water purifier allows you to purify and clean almost any type of liquid and turn it into clean drinking water using only the power of the sun. 

With a solar still you can purify saltwater or seawater, dirty freshwater, rainwater, stagnant ponds, and these devices can even be used to clean your own urine to make it safe to drink. They can even be used in the desert; however in these situations they are probably not sufficient to provide enough drinking water to keep you alive, as they can produce at most a quart of water per day. 

Nonetheless, these products can be a great help should you ever find yourself stuck somewhere without clean water to drink. There are several different solar still kits available for purchase online, and some are definitely of a much higher quality than others. So it is very necessary to do a little research before deciding to purchase one of these kits, as you don’t want to be stuck in an emergency situation and have to rely on an inferior solar water purifier to help provide you enough drinking water to keep you alive. 

The two products listed below are both some of the higher quality models available on the market, and while not perfect, they are still decent and would make a nice addition to any emergency survival kit.

The Solar Still Water Purification Kit by Survival Metrics

solar water purifierSurvival Metrics is one of the leading manufacturers of emergency and survival gear, and they produce two solar water purification kits: the standard kit which normally sells for around $60, and the deluxe kit which retails for around $80. These kits are an excellent addition to any survival kit, as they not only contain the solar still, but also other survival items, including polysheeting, extra bags, waterproof bags, and even military grade ClO2 water purification tablets

The deluxe kit also comes with a parachute cord for various uses, and a military grade 50 gallon capacity emergency water purifier which is capable of removing up to 99.9% of water borne bacteria, including giardia which can cause severe diarrhea and other stomach and digestive issues. 

Overall, the SolarWater Purification Kit makes a very nice addition to any survival kit, although this is mainly due to the other products which are included in the kit as the solar purifier is merely okay and not nearly the best one on the market. Still, these kits are considerably cheaper than many other products on the market.

Aquamate Solar Still Emergency Water Purification Inflatable Kit

If you are looking for a higher quality solar water purification kit, then the Aquamate inflatable still might be the perfect product for you. The still is easily inflatable so it can float directly on the water as it purifies. After inflating the product, you simply need to fill the vessel with water and wait for the sun to purify it. 

solar water purifierThis is probably the best solar water purification kit on the market; however it does have a few drawbacks. Firstly, this product can only produce between a half a liter and two liters of water per day, which means that it is not nearly sufficient to take care of all of your drinking water needs, although this is fairly standard for all similar products. 

The other drawback is that this particular product costs around $240, so it is quite expensive especially considering the fact that you would need multiple units to provide enough water. 

Nonetheless, most other purifiers cost around the same price and are not quite as efficient as this unit. 

Overall, the Aquamate Solar Water Purification Kit comes quite highly recommended, and we rate it as probably the most efficient purifier on the market.

Solar Pool Purifiers

A solar water purifier can also be used to clean the water in your pool, although they are not recommended to completely replace a traditional pool filter. These products work by releasing metallic ions into the pool water which help kill algae. These products can allow you to use much less chlorine and make your pool overall more environmentally friendly by reducing the amount of chemicals that you have to put in the water.

solar water purifierOne of the best products on the market is the Solar Clear Solar Powered Pool Water Purifier. This product can clean pools up to 32,000 gallons. Another great advantage of this product is that it floats directly on the pool’s surface so it requires absolutely no installation. 

The majority of pool purifiers work about as well as each other, so the real advantage of this product lies in its price. You should be able to find this particular pool purifier for around $260, which is quite a bit cheaper than many other similar products manufactured by other companies. 

Overall, this is a very decent pool purifier and should easily clean your pool and reduce your chlorine usage by up to 80%

If you are looking for an easy solution to lower your chemical usage and clean your pool, then you cannot go wrong with the Solar Clear Solar Pool Water Purifier.

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