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Solar Wind Chimes Add Dazzling Effects to Your Patio

Some of the most unique decorative solar products to come on the market recently are solar wind chimes. The term solar wind chime is slightly misleading, as they are actually traditional chimes that usually include an LED light that is powered by a small solar panel on top of the device.

They function in the same way as traditional wind chimes in that sounds are created when wind passes through the chimes and causes them to strike an object hanging in between them. The solar LED versions add an extra touch to the traditional product and will create wonderful illuminating effects after dark. 

Many different solar LED pendants can be found at different online retailers such as Amazon, and each product has its own unique design and features. We will take a look at a few of the most popular versions and provide honest reviews and product information and descriptions for each. This will allow you to make a more informed decision on which solar wind chime is the right one to suit your specific taste and needs.

Asli Arts Capiz Solar Windchime by Woodstock Chimes

This particular product is one of the most strikingly beautiful chimes on the market. The product features a traditional device and a solar powered LED light that turns on automatically after dark. However, the real attraction is the pieces of capiz which are strung around the chime with a clear nylon string. Capiz is a pearly, semi translucent shell that is found in the ocean, and it is often used for decorative lampshades and window hangings because of the magnificent effect it creates when light passes through the capiz. 

The pieces of capiz that were used for this particular product were farmed off of the coast of Indonesia. In fact, this entire product was handcrafted by craftsmen in Bali, so each product is unique. When the sun goes down, the LED inside the product automatically turns on and starts to emit amazing patterns of light as it shines through the capiz. 

solar wind chimeThe effect of the music coming from the chimes combined with the beautiful light show through the capiz is truly unique and something to be seen. It can add an incredibly peaceful feeling to any situation. Overall, this is one of the more breathtaking products on the market. The Woodstock Capiz Chime can normally be purchased online for between $40 and $50, which makes it about the same price as most other solar LED windchimes. 

This is by far the most beautiful solar wind chime that we have come across and is highly recommended, especially given its average price. The only negative is that this product is much more fragile than most others, due to the pieces of capiz that are strung around it. 

It can be damaged fairly easily by a strong wind gust, so you may be better to purchase a sturdier, more traditionally designed solar LED chime if you live in an area prone to severe weather. Either that or you will need to take it down during a storm.

Sunergy Windlights Solar Lighted Wind Chime

With its soothing chimes and solar powered inbuilt light, the Sunergy Windlights Solar Lighted Wind Chime is as lovely by night as it is by day. The wind chime features six aluminum chimes finished with a beautiful electroplated pewter finish, and is topped off by a crackled glass globe which cycles colors in a pattern, from red, to blue, to green.

solar wind chimeThe chimes also include two rechargeable batteries, and an inbuilt photo light sensor to detect the light level every evening. The light will switch itself off at dawn, so you can collect the sun’s energy all day and watch the light show all night.

Because they are completely solar powered, there’s no wiring or cables required, and the chimes are very easy to assemble and install. Better yet, there are absolutely no running costs.

As well as changing colors, the crackled glass globe also reflects a delightful pattern on your walls, deck or yard – wherever you hang it! 

To complete the effect, the chimes have a gentle chime to enjoy, rather than being overly loud. If you will be hanging the wind chime quite high, you may want to consider using an extension chain, so you can access the switch easily.

To help maximize how long the light show will last, place the wind chime in a position where it received maximum sunlight during daylight hours. The Sunergy Windlights Solar Lighted Wind Chime is also equipped with an on/off switch, so you can disable the colored light when it suits you.

How long the colored light lasts for each evening will depend on the amount of charge received. Therefore, you may need to charge the chimes for a couple of days in the winter months, or if you live somewhere without a lot of sun. By setting the switch in the off position, you can save up the solar energy for a very long time. This way, you can save up the solar powered light show for a quiet evening at home, whenever you feel like it.

Kikkerland Chime Rainbow Maker

solar wind chimeKikkerland is one of leading manufacturers of solar powered LED decorative color changing lights. These products are normally referred to as rainbow makers, and they emit a dazzling array of colors that is powered by a solar panel. 

This particular product combines Kikkerland’s renowned rainbow maker with a traditional windchime. 

The rainbow maker features colored LEDs that cast light on the walls when the genuine Swarovski crystal inside slowly rotates to create very unique patterns of light. 

The Kikkerland Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker and chime combination can normally be purchased for around $30. The rainbow pattern of light that it emits is quite spectacular, but overall this product is not nearly as beautiful as the other products we have looked at. 

Nonetheless, what this product lacks in aesthetic value, it makes up for in functionality and quality. This particular product even comes with a suction cup design so it can be attached directly to a window. Overall, this is a fairly decent product and the rainbow maker itself comes very highly reviewed and recommended.

Are you interested in a DIY project? The Jameco Electronics website has step-by-step instructions for creating your own solar wind chime! Check it out!

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