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Solio Solar Chargers Keep You Prepared for Any Situation

If you are looking for a solar battery charger, then you definitely need to have a look at Solio solar chargers. Solio is the brand name of Better Energy Systems, a private company based out of Oakland, California that is dedicated to providing energy solutions to the entire world, regardless of their position in the economic ladder.

Solio also has offices in Kenya and the United Kingdom, and makes different photovoltaic lighting and energy storage products. Solio believes that by helping to make sustainable lighting and charging products affordable to all people, regardless of their economic status, that they can help to reduce poverty and help to create a new, sustainable, worldwide energy infrastructure that is becoming more and more necessary. 

Solio’s charitable and progressive ideas are one of the major reasons why their products are currently being distributed and sold around the world and when combined with the overall effectiveness of their products, help to explain their worldwide popularity.

Solio Solar Chargers

solio solar chargerIf you are searching for an affordable and efficient solar battery charger, then the chargers made by Solio are definitely worth a consideration. 

They manufacture a number of different solar battery chargers capable of charging and powering almost any smaller or handheld electronic device, and overall they produce some of the best solar battery chargers on the market. 

Below you wil find descriptions and honest reviews of some of the most popular solar chargers manufactured by Solio. 

Overall, these chargers are definitely in line with the most effective and reasonably priced chargers you will find and all of the products listed below come very highly recommended. Solio also produces a number of other chargers than the ones we have reviewed, however these chargers are pretty much guaranteed to give you the most bang for your buck. 

Solio Universal Solar Hybrid Charger

One of the best solar chargers on the market is the Universal Hybrid Charger from Solio. This particular Solio charger can be used to provide power for your mp3 player or iPod, cell phone, digital camera, and smart phones such as an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry. This is one of the most popular solar battery chargers on the market, and a major reason for this is due to this products sleek, compact design. 

Many other solar chargers rely on a larger photovoltaic solar panel to generate electricity, while the Solio Universal Hybrid Charger utilizes a compact, fan like array consisting of three small solar panels that can be spead out into a fan or pinwheel shape

This allows the charger to be very portable, while also being extremely effective at creating energy due to the fact that it has three highly effective PV panels instead of one larger, less effective panel like many of the other chargers on the market. 

While you are not using the charger, the three solar panels fold together to create a small oval, and when you wish to use the charger, all you need to do is simply fan out the PV solar “blades” and expose them to direct sunlight and you will be ready to start charging any of your handheld electronic devices. This allows this charger to be much more compact and portable, making it much easier to carry around in your pocket. 

solio solar chargerAnother advantage to this fan design is that the delicate solar panels are protected when not in use, so this product should also last much longer than most other solar chargers on the market. 

This particular Solio solar charger also has a built-in battery, so you can either charge your device from the charger’s battery - provided it has enough stored energy - or you can also directly charge your handheld electronic device by simply connecting the device to the charger and placing the solar panels in direct sunlight. 

The Solio Classic Hybrid Solar Charger is also one of the cheaper chargers on the market, considering its efficiency, and you should be able to purchase one for under $90.

Solio Bolt Battery Pack and Solar Charger

If you are looking for a slightly cheaper charger, and are not so concerned about portability, then the Solio Bolt may be perfect for you. This charger has two, slightly larger solar panels which are able to generate as much electricity as the Solio Universal Hyrbid Charger. While being slightly larger, this product is still quite portable, although it does not fit into a pocket as easily as the Hybrid charger. 

solio solar chargerThis particular charger is still extremely effective, and contains a USB port so you can easily charge any device that can be connected via USB. This charger can also be plugged directly into any AC outlet to charge its built-in battery in just under 5 hours, while it takes eight to ten hours of direct sunlight to charge the battery via solar power. 

A fully charged battery should be enough to provide two full charges to almost any smartphone. The battery can also hold its charge for up to one year, and the battery itself should last for around three years before needing to be replaced, although replacement is an extremely simple process. 

The only negative about this charger is that you need to insert a pencil in between the two panels to prop the charger up so it can receive direct sunlight, however the charger even comes with the required pencil so this is not much of an issue. You should be able to purchase the Solio Bolt Solar Charger for around $70, which makes it one of the most popular chargers on the market.

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