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SolLight: For All Your Solar Indoor and Outdoor Needs

One of the most exciting and innovative companies in the world of solar technology and lighting has to be SolLight. They produce an incredibly wide range of solar powered lights, chargers, and many other products which you are sure to love and are also among the best on the market.

SolLight is run by a quite small engineering and design company known as Simply Brilliant, LLC and is based in Hood River, Oregon. Simply Brilliant is an employee owned company made up of experts in the field of solar power and engineering, and they actually produce two different lines of products: SolLight and Shockles, which specializes in other marine and outdoor products.

While most solar companies claim to care to be environmentally conscious, many of them don't actually back up these claims in their production methods. Most of these companies simply make these claims as due to the fact that they produce environmentally friendly products, while there production methods remain outdated and quite polluting. However, Simply Brilliant is one of the few that can truly does care about the environment and - most importantly - can back up these claims.

All products from Simply Brilliant are manufactured using only the most environmentally friendly methods available. In addition, they also do their best to minimize the amount of packaging necessary for shipping their products, and are especially concerned with using the least amount of plastic and other non-decomposable materials. 

sollightWhen looking to buy environmentally friendly products, the amount of pollution you reduce by using these products will only make a difference if the products themselves were also produced in the most environmentally friendly way. 

So, if you are looking for a way to reduce your carbon emissions and the impact you have on the environment, you should limit your purchases to only companies that have the same environmental goals as you do, like Simply Brilliant. 

SolLight LightCap 300

sollightThe LightCap 300 is one of the most unique and innovative solar products to ever come on the market, and explaining exactly what this product is can actually be quite difficult. This is because the LightCap 300 is actually a combination of several different products. To start with, this product is a one liter water bottle made of BPA free, recycled plastic.

The continual buying and throwing away of plastic water bottles is one of the biggest environmental problems facing the world today, and many experts have stated that carrying around your own reusable water bottle is one of the quickest and easiest ways to dramatically cut down on pollution, so the LightCap 300 will definitely help in this respect.

Still, this product is far from simply a reusable water bottle, as it also contains a solar powered lantern in its lid. This lantern is charged by using a small solar panel located directly on top of the lid, and even minimal charging should provide enough energy for the lantern to burn brightly for several hours due to its ultra efficient FastSolar™ technology that drastically reduces charging times. In fact, just a few hours of even minimal sun exposure should provide enough charge to keep this lantern lit up for more than eight hours at a time.

The light from the LightCap 300 comes from small LED lights located underneath the solar charger. This product actually features four strong, white LEDs, and one smaller red LED. You can switch between the two colors or turn the light completely off directly from the small, recessed three way switch, also found on the lid of the bottle. Additionally, you never have to worry about leaving the light on during the day and draining down the built-in battery, as this product also features a sensor which will automatically shut the light off when daylight is detected.

While all of this makes the LightCap 300 an ideal product for any environmentally conscious person, it also costs less than $30, making it incredibly affordable as well. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find either a high quality, BPA free water bottle or a solar lantern for this same price, let alone a product that features both, making the LightCap 300 one of the best solar products we have come across in a long time.

SolLight SoliCharger SP

Another fantastic product from SolLight is the SoliCharger SP, which is a solar powered mp3 and smartphone charger that also allows you to listen to music using its built-in speakers. This product is actually a small case that holds your handheld device, which also features a solar panel on the outside and even a small set of speakers to allow you to play music.

sollightThe SoliCharger SP works with a wide range of handheld devices, including all newer models of iPhones (even iPhone 5), and allows you to charge your devices using either a USB (or mini USB), your phone or handheld's charger, or you can even plug it directly into the socket so you can listen to music on its speakers while you're charging the device. 

It includes an Apple charger, a USB charger, plus both mini and macro USB chargers, so you should be almost guaranteed that it will work for your handheld device.

One thing that most people can't help but commenting on is the huge amount of surprisingly high quality sound that this product emits, despite the rather small size of the speakers. This allows you to play music much louder and at a much better quality than the small speakers on your phone or other device.

Still, even if you don't want or need portable solar powered speakers, you will still benefit from this efficient solar charger that will allow you to charge almost any handheld device on the go. Plus, at less than $60, the SoliCharger is one of the cheaper solar phone chargers on the market, and would be more than worth the price even if it didn't feature the built-in speakers. Overall, you will struggle to find a solar charger and speaker combo that works as well or is as affordable as the SoliCharger SP.

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