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Suntrica: Expert in Snazzy and Efficient Solar Chargers

The use of solar chargers, such as those produced by Suntrica, to provide energy for handheld electronic devices, has started to become increasingly popular as more people begin to realize just how costly the constant charging of these devices can be.

Not to mention the sheer amount of energy these devices use and how much pollution is produced to create this energy. In fact, these chargers are becoming so popular that most experts predict they will come standard with smartphones and other handheld devices within a few years time.

Suntrica is one of the world's leaders when it comes to manufacturing high efficiency solar powered chargers for mobile devices. They also produce solar panels, power control modules, and will even custom design almost any type of solar product to fit their customers' specific needs. Based in Finland, the company is finally starting to receive the worldwide recognition it deserves for producing some of the best solar chargers on the market.

All of their products are ergonomically designed and ultra lightweight, making them incredibly convenient to use, unlike the bulkier chargers produced by many of their competitors. Additionally, they only produce chargers that utilize ultra efficient, flexible solar panels, which makes them much less likely to be damaged and thus longer lasting.

Suntrica is committed to trying to spread the word about the advantages of solar power around the globe by making chargers that are universal and produced in the most cost effective way possible, enabling their products to remain affordable as well. This is especially important as the areas where solar chargers for mobile devices are becoming most popular are in developing countries where the power supply is unreliable.

The company is also dedicated to continually trying to push the envelope when it comes to improving solar charger technology. This has resulted in all of their products being incredibly easy to use, while also being able to improve efficiency and cut down on charging times. While some of their products have a high "gadget" factor, don't be fooled: as we'll see in a moment, the quality of the products Suntrica has on offer rise far above simple gadgetry.
So, if you are serious about reducing your carbon footprint by using solar power to charge your handheld electronic devices, you absolutely have to check out the chargers designed and manufactured by Suntrica. 

After having a look at their line of products, you will struggle to find another company that can match Suntrica's quality or price.

Suntrica SolarStraps

SolarStrap is the name the company has given to their lightweight, flexible solar chargers, of which there are two different models:

The SS-W100 SolarStrap Basic and the SS-W204 Universal SolarStrap

Both of these chargers use a very small, flexible solar panel, and are about the size of a wallet. This makes it super convenient to carry around and use whenever your device starts to run low on power. For example, why not attach it to the strap of your solar backpack? The SolarStrap products are as efficient as they are great to look at.

The solar panels themselves are completely waterproof, weather resistant, and designed to be able to stand up to continued wear and tear. They really can take a beating and keep working, meaning that your investment won't be in vain as your charger should last for many years. In fact, as solar technology continues to improve at such a fast rate, it is more likely you will upgrade to a newer charger long before this one ever stops functioning.

SS-W100 SolarStrap Basic

suntricaAs the name suggests, the SS-W100 Basic is the entry model of the SolarStrap range, designed to charge smaller handheld devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, mp3 players, and almost any other device uses a 5 volt charger. However, this charger is not designed for smart phones or other devices that require more energy.

The reason for this is that this charger does not have a built-in battery to store energy. This means that you will need to charge your mobile device directly from the sun. 

The problem with charging directly from the sun is that the charging current varies with the strength of the sun, and smartphones require a very strong and stable current for charging. Under perfect conditions, this charge would likely be able to provide enough charge for a smartphone, but it's not likely you'll experience these conditions very often.

So, if you have a device that requires a bigger charge, you'd be much better to spend the extra money on the SS-W204 Universal SolarStrap. You probably could charge a smartphone with this charger, it just might take quite a while since the charger cannot store any extra energy created from the solar panels.

Still, this charger will provide more than enough energy for most standard cell phones. In fact, one hour of charging in direct sunlight should be enough to give you more than one hour of talking time or an astonishing 50 hours of battery life when the phone is on standby.

Overall, this definitely has to be one of the longest lasting, most efficient, and easiest to use solar cell phone chargers on the market and comes highly recommended.

SS-W204 Universal SolarStrap

The SS-W204 Universal is designed to charge a wide range of smartphones and other handheld devices. It can even be used to charge the iPhone 5, although you'll need to purchase an Apple lightning adapter. This charger comes with a CBL-3 cable that is compatible with all older Apple models and many other handheld devices. Furthermore, it comes with a standard charging cable, NOK-1, USB-4, USB-6 and USB-7 -adapters and a user guide. This means that it also works with a variety of different smart phones, as well as iPods and iPhones, GPS-devices and mp3 players.

suntricaThis charger features an internal battery, allowing it to be much more efficient at charging, as it can charge your smartphone using the stored energy in the battery, guaranteeing that it receives the strong, steady current necessary to charge these devices.

In fact, it is so efficient that an hour's worth of charging should provide twenty minutes of talking time or up to hours of battery life when the phone is on standby.

The SS-W204 Universal SolarStrap is available in five different colors: pink, orange, green, blue, and black. 

It is also one of the lightest chargers you'll ever find, weighing in at a mere 65 grams. No other solar cell phone charger on the market is as efficient, lightweight, or easier to use. 

The internal battery can be charged either by exposing it to sunlight or directly through your computer for even quicker charging. If you are serious about buying a solar cell phone charger that actually lives up to or even exceeds its manufacturer's claims, the SS-W204 might just be the perfect product for you and could even be the last solar charger you'll need to buy for many years.

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