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How And Where To Buy a Swimming Pool Solar Heater

If you are looking for a more environmentally friendly way to heat your swimming pool, you might want to have a look at a swimming pool solar heater. Solar swimming pool heaters are also a great way to lower your energy bills, and they should pay for themselves in less than two years.

There are many different options for solar swimming pool heating, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are solar swimming pool heater panels that are normally placed on the roof and absorb the sun’s energy and transfer to the pool water through a series of tubes that pass under the black panels. 

There are also coiled pool heaters that are much smaller and can be moved around easily, although they are not quite as efficient as solar pool panels. These solar heaters are basically a coil of black pipe or tubing that is insulated inside a glass or plastic bubble. The black pipe absorbs heat from the sun’s rays and transfers it to the pool water when it is circulated through the pipe. 

These solar swimming pool heaters function in basically the same way as solar pool heating panels which are normally attached to a roof, expect that these smaller heaters are much cheaper and easier to install. These smaller solar pool heaters also have another advantage in that their coil design allows them to take up much less space and they can be placed directly next to an above ground or in ground pool. 

While these heaters may not raise your pool’s temperature as quickly as heating panels, they are still a great way to cheaply heat your pool and they can still lead to a 5 to 10 degree rise in temperature in a week. Another advantage is that you can install as many of these heaters as you need due to the fact that they can be easily be connected together to form a chain. 

Below you will find descriptions and reviews of some of the most popular brands of swimming pool solar heaters you can find online. Whether you decide top purchase a coiled heater or heating panels, you can’t go wrong with these heaters.

swimming pool solar heaterGame Aquaquick Solar Swimming Pool Heater

The Game Aquaquick solar pool heaters are the most popular line of above ground coiled pool heaters on the market. 

The Aquaquick 4512 is ta small and cheap product, and normally retails for around $150. It is a decent product, especially given the low price. 

Overall, the GAME 4512 is one of the best solar heaters in this particular category.

Poolmaster 59025 Above Ground Swimming Pool Solar Heater

swimming pool solar heaterPoolmaster has been one of the leading manufacturers of pool equipment and accessories for the past 50 years, and they produce a decent solar pool heater that can be favorably compared to the Aquaquick 4512. The Poolmaster 59025 can effectively heat a swimming pool up to eighteen feet, and can fairly quickly raise your pool’s temperature by around ten degrees Fahrenheit. 

This solar heater is also very small and portable, and is less than three feet by three feet and only weighs around twenty pounds. This means that you can place it anywhere near your above ground pool that has sufficient sunlight, and it is no problem should you need to move it for any reason. 

The small size also makes it easy to store alongside the rest of your pool supplies when and if you finally have to drain and put away the pool due to winter. 

Smartpool SunHeater Solar Pool Panels

 Smartpool SunHeater solar pool heating panels are a high quality product in a flooded market. There are literally hundreds of different brands of solar pool panels on the market, some of which are quite good, while others are a complete waste of money. 

swimming pool solar heaterWhether you are looking to purchase solar heating panels for either an in ground or an above ground pool, SunHeater panels give you one of the best values for your money. If you have an average sized in ground pool, the Smartpool S601P is one of your best options for a decently priced, efficient solar pool heating system. This product comes with the solar thermal panels and all other necessary components. 

The panel itself can be installed either on the roof, directly on the ground, or you can purchase the optional mounting rack to install it anywhere else in your yard. You should be able to buy the entire system for around $240, which makes it a bargain, and considering the high price of pool heating costs, it should pay for itself very quickly.

If you have an above ground pool, then SunHeater also has solar heating panels for your pool as well. The 2x20 system should be adequate for most small to average sized pools and usually costs around $150. However, if you have the extra room then you should definitely consider the 4x20 system, as it provides much more heat and usually only costs around $40 more. 

Either one of these systems is designed to sit up next to your pool at an angle, so make sure you have sufficient room next to your pool for the panels before making a purchase. Overall, the SunHeater pool panel systems are highly efficient and decently priced, so they come highly recommended.

SolarAttic PCS3 Pool Heater

swimming pool solar heaterThe great thing about the SolarAttic solar pool heater PCS3 is that it does two separate things: it heats your pool of course, but at the same time, it also cools your attic. Basically it's a combination of a pool heater and a solar attic fan

In summer, you know how hot it can get inside your attic. The PCS3 cleverly uses the heat from inside your attic to bring warmth to your pool, while at the same time cooling your attic via the vent inside the device.

The PCS3 take up considerably less space than solar panels. It has an adjustable thermostat built in, which helps you to control the temperatures both in your pool and in your attic. 

It also has built-in monitoring, so if there is something wrong with your device, you will easily be able to tell. Thanks to the SolarAttic PCS3, you can be sure that your pool water will remain at exactly the temperature you prefer. For as little as $10 a month! We think that's a steal.

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