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Explore the Limitless Possibilities of Texas Solar Power

If you live in Texas solar power may be a great way for you to save money on your energy bills. In fact there are over 176 different Texas solar power and wind power incentives available for both homes and businesses, including different federal, state, and local tax rebates.

Some Texas energy companies also offer net metering, which is where you can earn credits for any extra solar power that you produce that is sent into your local power grid. This means that if you generate enough electricity with your photovoltaic solar system, then you can actually earn money, albeit usually in the form of energy credits, but sometimes you can receive actual rebate checks from the power company. 

Due to the hot, dry climate in Texas solar power can be extremely effective there. There are hundreds of photovoltaic solar power dealers and installers in Texas, so you can be guaranteed you can find a certified professional in your area to assist you with all of your solar power needs should you decide to take advantage of the many incentives and install a photovoltaic solar power system on your home or business.

Texas Solar Energy Incentives and Rebates

As previously stated, there are over 176 different incentives and rebates available for residential and commercial solar and wind energy installations in Texas. This includes the Federal 30% tax rebate for all photovoltaic solar, wind energy, and solar water heating installations. 

texas solar powerTexas also offers a Solar Energy Device Franchise Tax Reduction for any business or company that uses photovoltaic solar, solar water heating, wind energy, or a solar pool or spa. 

There are also numerous rebates and incentives offered at both the local city and county levels, whereby you can either receive a rebate or a tax break for using either solar or wind energy. In addition to all of this, many of the local power companies offer locally mandated net metering programs that pay a certain price for additional energy created that is then sent into the local power grid. 

The price per kilowatt of energy created depends on both the type of device creating the energy, whether it be solar or wind, and also on the price set by either the local power company or mandated by local government regulations. With all of these incentives available to you, there is absolutely no reason not to do your part for the environment and invest in either a solar or wind energy device for your home or business, especially considering the fact that Texas is an ideal location for creating environmentally friendly, emission free energy. 

texas solar powerIf even half of the residents of Texas were to invest in renewable energy sources, it would go a long way towards offsetting the carbon emissions produced by Texas’ huge oil and gas industry. 

The website of the Texas State Energy Conservation Office is a great place to begin to learn about the possibilities of using solar energy in Texas. 

Here you will find more information on the solar radiation levels in your area so you can best determine how to utilize the sun’s energy to create electricity for your home or business.

Texas Solar Energy Society

The Texas Solar Energy Society is a non profit organization dedicated to informing and researching on the possibilities of using sustainable, non-polluting energy resources in Texas. They are a chapter of the American Solar Energy Society, which has been educating the public about the possibilities of solar power since 1954. The TSES website is a great resource for those interested in learning more about using solar energy in Texas, and is also a great place to start if you are considering purchasing and installing a photovoltaic solar energy system for your home or business. 

Texas Solar Energy Jobs and Education

If you are looking for a career in solar energy, then the first place to start is by considering an education in solar energy. The Texas Renewable Energy Education Consortium is a group of twelve Texas colleges that are dedicated to providing programs on solar energy and toher renewable energy forms to ensure that students in Texas can receive the highest quality education in this growing field. 

They offer a range of programs from professional certifications to two year Associate’s Degree programs in a variety of disciplines within the broad field of renewable energy. You can have a look at their website to learn more about the programs offered and decide what your options are for a career in Texas solar energy. 

texas solar powerAnother great option is the Texas Green Jobs Guidebook. This guidebook profiles over 200 different careers in renewable energy and gives you all the information and tools you need to begin an exciting career in this growing and emerging field. 

Alternatively, if you already have a certification or solar education, or are a solar professional, then the best place for you to look for your Texas solar energy jobs is at Once there you will need to simply search for solar energy jobs in Texas, and your search should return a plethora of possibilities for solar energy jobs and other renewable energy jobs in Texas. 

Because of the almost limitless possibilities for using solar and renewable energy in Texas, there are hundreds of new jobs being created on an almost weekly basis, so now is the best time to get in on the renewable energy action in Texas.

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