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Illuminate your Property with Westinghouse Solar Lights

Westinghouse solar lights are some of the best solar outdoor lights on the market today. Westinghouse produces a large line of solar outdoor lighting to fit any budget, and these lights are available in a huge variety of styles to suit any taste or need.

You can find these lights at most home improvement stores as well as online retailers such as Amazon. You can also view the entire Westinghouse product line at their own webpage. Overall, Westinghouse solar lights are one of the longest lasting and best priced lights around.

Types of Westinghouse Solar Lights

Westinghouse manufactures several different types of solar outdoor lights: solar landscape lighting, solar utility lighting and decorative seasonal and novelty solar lighting.

  • Westinghouse Solar Landscape Lights

Solar landscape lights are Westinghouse Solar’s specialty and they produce a huge array of landscape lights in a variety of designs. These lights are available in cheaper plastic models in a few different styles and colors, or there is also a large line of various glass and metal lights which are much more durable, but also more expensive. If you’re looking for a decent solar landscape light, you can be guaranteed to find a Westinghouse solar light to fit your needs and budget.

  • Westinghouse Solar Utility Lights

Westinghouse also produces a smaller line of solar utility lights including shed lights, spotlights, and security lights. Some of these lights are quite good, although some of the Westinghouse solar security lights are lacking compared to some of their competitors. Another very interesting product in this line is the Westinghouse Bug Wacker which is one of the only solar powered bug zappers on the market. The Bug Wacker is available in a few different models, including a portable camping version, and these products work nearly as well as traditional bug zappers.

  • Westinghouse Seasonal and Novelty Solar Lights

If you’re looking for something different than traditional solar lights, then you should have a look at the Westinghouse line of seasonal and novelty solar lights. They produce a variety of different solar outdoor lights to fit any season and also a decent selection of other novelty and decorative lights and lamps.

Popular Westinghouse Solar Lights

Westinghouse Solar Utility Light with Remote Control

westinghouse utilityThis product is one of the best solar utility or shed lights available and it comes highly recommended. The remote control is a great addition to this product, and works from quite long distances, although it has to be pointed directly at the eye on the lamp to function. 

The solar panel is quite efficient at charging the light’s one AA battery, and comes with a long cord so you can situate the panel some distance from the light in order to gain maximum exposure to the sun’s rays. The four one watt LED lights make the Westinghouse Solar Utility Light one of the brightest shed lights available. This light can normally stay lit for around six hours on a fully charged battery which also makes it one of the longer lasting lights as well. These solar utility lights are usually available for around $55, which makes them a great bargain.

Westinghouse Kenbury Super Bright Solar Light

The Kenbury landscape lights are usually used for path or garden lighting, and are one of the more popular styles. These lights fall into the “designer” category of landscape lighting, and are only one of a variety of different styles available in this line. 
solar path lights

These lights are very bright, and also much brighter than most other companies equivalent lights. These lights are powered by one easy to access AA battery, and are equipped with a sensor to automatically turn on when it gets dark. They will also automatically shut off when they have been on for 6 hours. 

Overall, the Westinghouse Brown Kenbury Solar Lights are one of the best lights available at just $50 for 6 lights, although there are many other Westinghouse equivalents if you don’t like the style of the Kenbury lights. 

Westinghouse 757208-08 8-Piece Regal Solar Light Set

westinghouse regalThe Westinghouse Regal lights are another line of solar landscape lights. However, these lights fall into the much cheaper category of plastic landscape lights. They can still be used to illuminate your path or garden, but they are constructed entirely of plastic which makes them much cheaper but also much easier to break or damage. 

Nonetheless, these lights are much cheaper to replace if they are damaged, as a set of eight lights costs around $30, which is less than you’d pay for one of the metal and glass lights. 

f you’re looking to add solar landscape lights to your property, but don’t want to pay too much, then the Westinghouse Regal Solar Lights or any of the other plastic Westinghouse solar landscape lights might be the perfect fit for you. 

Just keep in mind that these cheaper plastic lights are not nearly as bright as their more expensive, metal cousins, but they are still quite a good product for the price. They are also recommended over most other companies plastic lights, as the Westinghouse lights are still very reliable and the solar panels are very effective at charging the battery, even in low light or cloudy situations.

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